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Any idea what could be causing this pain?

Posted by nikkirtw

I have a raw feeling in my pelvic area, I have a pulling feeling near the pelvic bone, I also have a sore abdomen on the left side.  Plus burning/deep itiching in my thigh area.  I have been put on Gabpentin which has helped with some of the burning pain, I'm also on Cymbalta for the nerve pain and emotional distress I have suffered.  Would you have any idea what this could be from?  All doctors, neurologist and general tell me just to wait it out.. But I've been waiting it out for almost a year now and I'm at my wits end.  The itching in my thighs got soo bad I actually leave bruise marks on it.  I've had a blood test for every disease possible and nerve test done and MRI everything came out negative.  Please help me..
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