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Amla Fruit: Many Health Benefits - Natural Anti-Inflammatory for Pain Conditions

Posted Jan 14 2009 11:15am
If you have never heard of Amla Fruit, do a google search where you will find out about all the key benefits of taking this product!

ALMA RUSH LIQUID CONCENTRATE (also available in powder for, in individual packettes, that contains a large amount of green tea - the liquid Amla does not contain green tea).  The Amla Rush is almost a cure all (in my opinion and other's who have tried it), & also contains a potent, natural anti-inflammatory, & is very effective for many pain conditions. It is AT LEAST 50% higher in antioxidants and anti-aging factor (called ORAC value), than anything else on the market. It's 1000x more potent than Vitamin C.  Everyone needs to be taking this! If you want more energy, use the powder mix instead of the liquid, because the powder mix contains alot of green tea, so you get those benefits too (it also speeds up the metabolism, so is effective for weight loss).
Amla, or Indian gooseberry, has been traditionally used for many chronic conditions including diabetes. Research has been done with Amla evaluating its role as an antioxidant, in ulcer prevention, for people with diabetes, for mental and memory effects, and its anti-inflammatory properties. The liquid Amla Rush is like raspberry puree. Many people including myself who have chronic pain conditions have tried this and found it to be helpful. This fruit has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for centuries. Other benefits found are it's a Cardiotonic, Antispasmodic, Antipyretic (reduces fevers), Adaptogen (normalizes body functions). If you would like more information please contact me anytime at
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