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aching and pain in my left shoulder and arm, what is it? Sometimes I get burning, when its not aching.

Posted by t2daheft

I've been to the Doctors serveral times, they found a hemangioma in my left shoulder, but they said its not the cause of my pain, then they sent me to physical therpay because they figured it was my posture causing the level ten pain,therapy didn't fix anything. The pain gets worse as I get older. 2 days ago it was so sever that I just wanted to curl up and cry. I'm 24, healthy, so I don't get what it is, I work, I have for years. I've been dancing since I was 5, never been inactive. I'm getting frustrated that NO DOCTORS can give me a definite diagnosis. I've been to 3-4 different Doctors. I tell then that one minute it burns then it aches, then I get this itching by my shoulder, and all they could say, is that the itching is my body's way of healing, well I've had this issue with my shoudl since I was 15 and now I'm 24. I THINK THEY ARE WRONG! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME, I'm sick of wasting my time traveling to all different doctors to get misdiagnosed.
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