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A Humbled and Thankful Heart

Posted Nov 12 2009 10:01pm

I would love to share an amazing heartfelt show of gratitude and appreciation my husband has experienced this month.

In 1972 my husband enlisted in the Marine Corps during a time when America was involved in a VERY unpopular war (not that any war is popular). Vietnam Vets were not welcomed home with parades, or welcome home signs, praise, thanks, parties…. You get my drift. Instead, they were literally spat upon, eggs and tomatoes tossed at them and even worse. I know, I was present one time during a Veteran’s Day parade in 1973 that my husband to be (at the time) was marching in.

Through the years Americans have realized that even though they may not have agreed with the war, those who served and defended our country and our rights deserve our gratitude and appreciation. My husband recently experienced something he had NEVER experienced before. Since we do not have healthcare through Jim’s employment, he is eligible for medical care at the Veteran’s Hospital in Lebanon. My husband was so humbled over his experience when he had his check up at the facility. Everywhere he went, someone thanked him for his service to his country. He was treated with total respect and gratitude.

Yesterday, Veteran’s Day, my husband experienced something quite amazing as well. He was given a standing ovation by the high school in chapel when he entered! He was so astonished. Jim was also asked that morning to speak in chapel concerning his experience as a Marine, share his testimony, as well as question and answer time. It went so well that he is to speak again in the chapel for the junior high. The Holy Spirit was moving in the hearts of those listening; after chapel Jim had a few of the Chinese and Korean foreign exchange students who are not believers come up to him and ask questions about knowing God’s will. Jim was able to share the gospel again with them. Keep praying for these students as the spirit continues to work in their hearts to realize there is a God; He loves them; and that He is their Savior.

One of the things my husband and I do when we see a “past” veteran or a current veteran is we always try to go up to them and shake their hand and tell them “Thank You for service to our country.” It always brings a smile to their face, as well as joy and comfort to our hearts to know that there are men and women who still love their country and are willing to sacrifice their lives for our freedom!

God bless our Service Men and Women! Past and present! Thank you all for your dedicated service!

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