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3 Steps to Manifesting Miracles

Posted Jul 15 2010 12:00am

Courtesy of Iris Angel

Is something holding you back from better health or wealth?  Do you have the courage to believe in miracles?

By the dictionary definition a “Miracle” is “a surprising and welcome event inexplicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered the work of a Divine agency“.

We ALL have the capacity to create and witness miracles.  Yes, some are more gifted at manifesting miracles because they PRACTICE and KNOW there is more to life than meets the eye. Being open to the fact that science has NOT explained everything yet is a good pre-cursor for creating a miracle. Once you begin to FEEL the joy of receiving and believing in miracles you invite even more miracles into your life.

Here are what I feel and have experienced as the three keys to creating miracles:

I write about consciousness often and this is it at it’s most basic.  Do you KNOW what is going on around you?  I posted this brief awareness test video before and this is a prime example of how we do not often recognize the world around us:

Or, If you have seen this first one – here is another one for you:

Well… how did you do?  I have shown this video to several friends.  Their results were the same as mine the first time. They were also not aware of what truly was going on.  We have so much noise to shut us down and distract us; phones, ipods, tv, satellite radio and the constant chatter of our minds.  When we are able to shut some of that out and notice what is TRULY going on around us – you may be AMAZED at what is going on. You will also be astonished at what you have missed that was right in front of you.

Try this exercise to heighten awareness:  Throughout your day just stop.  Turn off the extra noises around you; phone, tv, etc. and sit.  Take 3 deep breaths – breathe in for 4, hold for 4, release for 8.  Now LISTEN.  What do you hear around you?  What do you hear underneath those sounds?  You can also do this with vision… what do you see?  Now what do you really see if you look harder? Look around you more than once and TUNE in to even what might seem the most minute of details.

An example:  I am sitting outside on my deck under a canopy as I write this.  If I had my headphones on I would JUST be experiencing that reality and there would be no other. While I LOVE music I am consciously deciding to turn it off and hear what else is present.  The first sound I hear is the pitter patter of rain on the canopy above my head, it is soothing and the more I listen to it the more it becomes harder NOT to hear it – it IS my reality now.  What else do I hear? I hear birds chirping in the background.  The harder I listen the more I can hear DIFFERENT bird calls coming from different areas.. I also still hear that pitter patter of the rain.  I have just expanded my reality.  I KNOW there is more to hear so I continue.  I hear a whirring faintly in the background… it is the pool pump and I would never have noticed this if I hadn’t listened carefully but now I am experiencing 3 distinct sounds. Is there more? There is!  I also hear the faint but undeniable sounds of cars in the distance and a plane flying overhead.  I have just expanded my reality to include MANY different sounds.  The more you can do this with sight and/or sound the more we are AWARE OF the things around us (take 3 minutes/day a few times a day if possible).  We expand our reality every time we do this.

There could be miracles happening right next to us but if we are closed off and asleep we will not see them.  We need to be aware and conscious to recognize the world around us for what it truly is – a miracle in itself. The fastest way to bring a miracle to us is to understand and accept miracles happen daily – why NOT to us?

I wrote an older post asking, “What DO you Expect?” . The state of mind that we are in truly plays a part in whether miracles appear or not.  Are you expecting a long commute to work? Your boss to be miserable? Your relatives to get on your nerves? An argument with a spouse?  What we expect we are calling to us.  We are telling the Universe “THIS IS HOW WE EXPECT LIFE TO BE”.  We are CREATING it IN our reality and guess what? The Universe always delivers.

An example is one I use in coaching a lot:  Many of us expect we know how people will react, how a situation will go or some common “annoyance” in our life.  We feed our brain with all the “past times” things unfolded a certain way and we do not allow for it to go any other way. What if we allowed ourselves to EXPECT a different outcome?

An Exercise:

Try taking what you would consider an “impossible situation”.  A parking lot you NEVER get a space in. A relative that ALWAYS pushes your buttons.  For 1 minute close your eyes and imagine the OPPOSITE.  You get the PERFECT PARKING SPOT!  That relative MUST have taken some happy pills or something because you cannot BELIEVE how happy and nice they are today!  Now.. the next time you are looking for a parking spot – flash to the experience and smile – wouldn’t it be cool if I GOT that spot?  The next time you are going to see or talk to that relative – flash to the picture…  expect them to feel better, kinder, happier. I’d love to hear what happens after this one because this alone can change people’s lives instantly.

Once you begin seeing that we indeed get what we expect – you open yourself up to the magic of life and miracles. This last ingredient is perhaps the most tricky… letting go.

Ahh the hardest for me and you might be asking, “how the heck am I supposed to EXPECT something and let it go??”  When we attach too hard to a result we are creating resistance.  We are telling the Universe – it is THIS way or NO way and I know what’s best. Life does NOT work that way.  It is WONDERFUL to expect a new job, relationship, opportunity… but when we say it has to be THIS job, or THAT person or THIS opportunity we are closing ourselves off for what really may be the miracle and the way we are to go.  I have done this to a fault and know it is not always easy. It IS when I am able to do this – that miracles do occur.

Example:  We have in our head that we REALLY NEED this job we interviewed for.  We are picturing it, KNOW it is right for us and are hanging everything on it.  We don’t get it and the world feels like it has collapsed.  It COULD just be that a better job is around the corner.  It could be that the boss you would have had would have driven you crazy.  It could be that the miracle of meeting a new friend and/or relationship is at another location.  When we hold onto anything too tightly we are telling the Universe WE know better and in my own life I KNOW that is NEVER the case. ;-) Letting Go INVITES the miracle to occur.

Exercise:  What DO you want?  A new relationship? New job? better health? Picture it, taste it, hear the sounds around it, let your awareness grow around WHAT that would mean and feel the emotions associated with it.  Expect it and now just TRUST the best always happens and it will work out.  Let go of the control of having to have it YOUR WAY or NO WAY. 

Miracles happen daily.  I witness them as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner all the time.  I am aware there is MUCH more around me than I can see and I tune into the frequencies and the person I am facilitating the session for.  I EXPECT a healing to occur but LET GO of WHAT healing HAS TO OCCUR.  In doing that – there is a healing miracle each time.

Another example of how I put it all together:

My illnesses. After learning a bit about the mind/body connection I now had the awareness that I was more than my body.  I was looking for more and more ways to prove that true.  I explored, sat silently and really tuned into my body instead of repeating the messages my doctors were telling me about what my future WOULD BE (wheelchair and in chronic debilitating pain).  I expanded my awareness.  I then expected I would get better.  I did not define it but I KNEW life could be better than it had been for the last 7 years IF I began applying some of what I was learning. I EXPECTED improvement.  I let go by NOT saying “I will feel 50% better in “x” time or else this is BS!”  I had no time-line. I had no agenda to be completed except to feel better.  A miracle did occur and I was cured of all chronic disease and off medications within weeks.  By expanding my awareness, expecting to get better and by letting go of exactly HOW it had to go – I was gifted the miracle of complete health. Almost four years later I am still healthier than I have EVER been.

Miracles are not as mysterious and elusive as we may have been taught to believe.  We all can witness them and we are all entitled to them.  Life is about flow NOT struggle.  Miracles are little gifts that come about to give us faith that we ARE in flow.  INVITE a miracle into your life by using these steps; Awareness, Expectation and Letting Go.  I would love to know what happens.  I love comments.  Please share some miracles that you have witnessed in your own life or your belief on miracles.  Thank you and I wish you miracles in all areas of your life.

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