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3 Months Post-Op...

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm
So, I've officially hit the 3-month post-operative mark. But, it seems like just yesterday I was prostrate on an uncomfortable hospital bed, thin sheets tucked up under my chin, my greasy mullet-hair fanned out on a stale-smelling pillow. The day before I left the hospital, we had a big snow-storm. I remember waking up around 5:00 am to the excited titters of nurses announcing it had started to snow. It snowed all day and into the night.

3 months later, I've moved on from greasy mullet-hair (mostly) and sleep on sheets of only the highest thread count (ok..that's a serious lie but they're definitely better than those awful hospital sheets). The snow is all gone and has been replaced by green grass and nascent flower buds (not to mention the frequent rain showers about which I like to snark).

I've come a long way since my first few weeks post-op, but feel as though I have a long way to go. I still have significant tenderness around my cable and battery sites. My hematoma continues to shrink but remains a little rotund.

What remains the same is the fact that I have to be patient. I have to keep in mind the fact that a few days of feeling better doesn't mean I'm ready to bench 250 at the gym (cuz, otherwise, I totally could).

I forgot about this whole "being patient" thing when deciding to run after Mr. B last Thursday at the park. I use the term "run" I'm not sure anyone could describe what I was doing as running but it was definitely more than a careful walk (which is what I should be doing right now). Sure enough, I woke up on Friday with a bitchin' muscle spasm and I've been in a nasty flare-up ever since.

Knowing and accepting my limitations is a constant struggle.

In other news, I think it's time for a program adjustment. I'm a little worried that my leads have shifted a bit. When I bend or twist (neither of which I should be doing, FYI), I feel this tiny "pop" under my incision. That, combined with the fact that 4 out of my 6 stimulator programs no longer work, has led me to believe that things might have moved. I'm trying not to get my undies in a bunch about it..though it does make me slightly nervous, if I'm being honest. I emailed Blue today and am hoping to see her this week or early next.

Well, I'm off to bed but, before I go, I'll leave you with a picture of my neighbor's burgeoning white lilac trees. Once these trees are in bloom, I stop and sniff every time I walk past (when DH is with me, he walks ahead and pretends he doesn't know me while I shove my head in the flowers. At least Mr. B will stay next to me...although I think that's because those little cobblestones are a popular pee spot for other dogs in the hood).

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