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19 year old with constant aches in all joints and general body pain and weakness

Posted by Bobbi21

hi Im a 19 year old female who weighs 125 and am 5'5. These are m symptoms:

-hands seize up and are extremely stiff when using them everyday
-arms and legs are extremely stiff and slow to move after i have stayed in one position for even as short as 5 min
-legs and arms are weak and unable to bare weight after relaxing longer than 15 min...this is becoming more frequent
-fingers and toes and ears swell up from cold with  pain and burning and tingling when heat up again
-limbs falling asleep very easily
- fingers and hand swell and hurt when from cold and burn and hurt when the warm up
-extremely brittle and splitting nails 
-when doing anything even remotely physically exerting like going up stairs or climbing or any exercise my body gets extremely weak  and hot and i feel like passing out my vision gets black and out of breath quickly.   
-leg and arms will jerk
-muscle sort of spasms shuddering in waves
-general weakness, stiffness and aching body
-strange radiating pain in all joints (feels like smashing the funny-bone but seldom the tingles and numbness)
-sharp painful pin pricks randomly all over body including face
-shooting pulsating pains
-tingling heels
-eye twitching 
-low grade fever 99.3 often
-facial redding, numbness, tingling and burning
-skin feels like its vibrating
- hot flashes and skin fluctuates between extreme warmth and cold
-new car and motion sickness
-arm and leg partial numbness and tingles
-when hitting specific joints even lighty feels like smashing funny-bone very hard on and off
-chest pain pressure, tightness, stabbing, and aching randomly through the day or at night
-stabbing pain in ribs and side and abdomen
-lightheaded and faint feeling
-back pain spreading to hips and butt (I have degenerative discs from a pinched nerve in 2005) sometimes i can barely walk or lay down because the pain is so intense.
-unable to turn upper body fully around without sharp pain
-extreme constant fatigue
-chest fluttering
- constant constipation
-headaches all over head either achy or sharp and pulsating
-stiff sore neck and back
-sharp pains in neck into skull and sides of neck spine
-burning in hands feet and legs and face
-extremely dry mouth
-itching in the same spot on knee for over a year.

I pinched a nerve five years ago and could not  move more a few days because of the extreme pain. I didn't get x-rays or anything and was sent home with that diagnostic. Two years ago I found out i had degenerative discs from a cat scan of my lower back. I've had ultra sounds and x-rays and am booked for a bone scan soon.

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