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I love this little book…so I’m passing it along to you for Chirstmas. :-) by Wendy H. A while back I stumbled upon Lisa Esile’s blog and well, she has a way of saying things that just makes me think…yeah, that makes so much sense….thanks. She has this c ... Read on »
guilt, blame & chronic illness(es) by Wendy H. wendy : I needed to hear this lecture recently, and will probably need to hear it over and over … Thanks Phylor for “lecturing” us, and reminding us, that th ... Read on »
More Than Meniere’s…what’s next by Wendy H. On Tuesday I went to Duke.  I needed to see Dr. Kaylie and get his opinion on what has been going on with me and see if he could help at all.  To tell the truth, I didn’ ... Read on »
Dear Skillet – Thank You by Jamee .. Dear Skillet, I know you more than likely not see this but just in case you happen to find yourselves in this corner of the inter webs, I wanted to say thank you. You ... Read on »
It’s just so hard sometimes… by Wendy H. This is a stream of thought post.  I just needed to talk and get some things out.  So no fixing of grammar or anything.  One thing I do want to say before you read this….. ... Read on »
I did it Alone. Spinning another day… by Wendy H. At a little after 6am Stuart was leaving for work and I woke up and decided to eat a little something and take my first steroid of the day. I woke at 8am with my stoma ... Read on »
Not the post I planned…. by Wendy H. So I had this post all planned out.  I had been working on it in my head.  I even had a few little illustrations to go with it.  Neat huh? I really wanted to talk abou ... Read on »
November Ipsy Glam Bag Review by Jamee .. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, the last several months have been kind of “meh” for me on the Ipsy front. Out of the fifteen items I received in my Augu ... Read on »
Thanksgiving often forgets those without…… by Wendy H. I love the sentiment behind Thanksgiving.  Take the time to be thankful for what you have. Then I look around.  Is that really what I see?  There is so much talk of ... Read on »
Happy Birthday Charlie! by Jamee .. It is unbelievable to look back at my first Dear Charlie post and know that we were celebrating her 10th birthday when that post went live and now she is 14. FOURTEEN!! Ho ... Read on »