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Charlie’s Legacy: Grieving The Loss Of A Pet by Jamee ..   Not a day goes by that I don’t grieve the loss of Charlie. It will be two months next week since we lost her and just the thought of it brings tears to my eyes. ... Read on »
My Very First Beauty Favorites Video! by Jamee .. As I have stated, the last several weeks have been challenging and three things have helped keep my sanity: my family, music, and makeup. I have spent probably way too muc ... Read on »
No Dreams of Sugar Plum Fairies: Chronic Illness, Anxiety, And Insomnia by Jamee .. We all know that the holidays can be stressful (especially with chronic illness). Traveling, baking, shopping, and crazy family can take regular stress and anxiety up to a ... Read on »
Coming Up To Breathe: Rediscovering Grace by Jamee .. It honestly does not even feel possible that we are into the second week of February. And its 2015. Where have I been?! The holidays were a blur and I feel like I ... Read on »
Will accurately portraying life with chronic pain be a piece of Cake? by Selena Facebook by My friends living with chronic pain and fibromyalgia are all a buzz about a new film called Cake. , the movie tells the story of Claire Simmons ( ... Read on »
Crisis over the Holidays by Wendy H. Oh no!  What a time for a medication mess up! I was loading up my pill-box for the week and only had 3 of my mood stabilizer…..hmmm, that’s not right? So, I asked ... Read on »
I love this little book…so I’m passing it along to you for Chirstmas. :-) by Wendy H. A while back I stumbled upon Lisa Esile’s blog and well, she has a way of saying things that just makes me think…yeah, that makes so much sense….thanks. She has this c ... Read on »
guilt, blame & chronic illness(es) by Wendy H. wendy : I needed to hear this lecture recently, and will probably need to hear it over and over … Thanks Phylor for “lecturing” us, and reminding us, that th ... Read on »
More Than Meniere’s…what’s next by Wendy H. On Tuesday I went to Duke.  I needed to see Dr. Kaylie and get his opinion on what has been going on with me and see if he could help at all.  To tell the truth, I didn’ ... Read on »