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You bladder watch out, you bladder not cry.

Posted Jan 20 2012 11:53pm
School is going well. That d-bag teacher turned out to not be so bad. It's good that we're going over The Giver right now, what with all that Arizona book controversy going on.
Math is hard, yo. I've taken a higher math than I'm taking right now and I'm still struggling. Partly because I'm having to learn from my book since we can't understand my teacher. She's really sweet. Just.....oh, UAH.
I'm really glad to have most of the same people in 4 of my 5 classes this semester. It kind of makes learning better, at least to me. You're more comfortable with the people around you and therefore more comfortable to speak out and ask questions.

I have a Urodynamics test at Vanderbilt on Wednesday. I had one before with a Urologist here in Huntsville, but the Urologic Surgeon at Vandy wants to do his own and see some things for himself. I don't know exactly how this one will go, but my last one...well. It got personal. So stop reading if you don't want to know.

Little balloon catheters were stuck in both places. And some peeing happened, I guess. Obviously. Urologist.
They filled my bladder up and told me to hold it until I felt like I would punch out a senior citizen. They didn't say that, but I figure it's what they meant. So I did and (of course) my bladder didn't hold very much. They basically looked at the amount of liquid that came out and went "UHHHHHH."
At the time, my bladder didn't hold enough to qualify for the Interstim implant, which I later found out from the Urologic surgeon. But since then, I've had various bladder instillations and bladder botox (ugh, and all of those things were unsuccessful by all accounts). I guess since Dr. D is a surgeon, the point of all his testing is to figure out if there's any kind of surgical (such as the Interstim implant) intervention for all my lower issues. Eh.

I hope there will pee some good results from this test. HA! See what I did there?

...pee ya later.
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