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Yes, it’s still my blog here….it has many personalities…or something. Plus update on symptoms, and Spring.

Posted Mar 20 2012 12:38pm

You may read my blog from your email, and haven’t even seen it….but if you have, you may have said…”she’s at it again!”

and yes I am….I just didn’t like it.  Too busy, and I didn’t like the page color.

So many things I can’t change on Word Press.

And I don’t have Photoshop right now, I’ve been trying to use Gimp…but I’m so lost with that program it were a real book I would have torn it to shreds by now.  Ugh!!!

This looks like me, trying to use Gimp.
(image source free clip art.)

I miss Photoshop, I need to buy it, but I need to buy a teacher or student version…I really can’t afford the off the rack price.  whew.  That’s like the difference between designer clothes and thrift store, for the same goods!  I just don’t get it!

So for now I wait.

Did you know on WordPress you have Pay to change the CSS on your blog?  You have to pay to change your font….yes thank you can get around that one by writing in Word then copying over, but not all fonts copy over right.  And I’m lazy.  I’m just shocked at all the things that are now considered “upgrades” that used to be free.  I know this is a commerce driven world, but it makes me sad when you start with something because it offers certain features free, then it changes.  And I’m sorry, I’m not paying $30 a year to be able to customize my blog.  Heck I can’t even do it, I’d have to get my hubby or my friend Vincent to do it.  And I’d only do it about once a year, tops. If I found the perfect look, I’d probably change very few things ever again!

OK….So, I hope you won’t think ill of me during this transition time.  I like the retro look.  I’m going to try to put little ants in the header, and that will probably be it for a while.  If I can get that done.

Symptom Update: My headaches, had decreased, but recently every time I go to sleep when I wake up I have a blinding headache, like a white light pierces my brain, the intensity doesn’t last for long…but the headache doesn’t go less than a category 6.  So I’m a bit icky most of the day.  But it’s better than it was!

Visual problems are better.  The one that has really stuck around is the…oh I don’t know how to describe it…not only can I not see white on black very well, the white looks gray, but black doesn’t look black-black.  It has this variable tone.  Everything looks a little off in tonal values.  Which is very odd for me.  But I can still tell what color is what, I’m not color blind!!  Yay!  I just can’t tell if they have white  or black added to them.

Very tired.  But not sure if it’s the disorder or the meds, both can cause it.

The Meniere’s has been staying away.  I think the surgery in December worked for that.  The hearing in my left ear, is still gone.  Right is more sloshy.  Had that hearing aid adjusted and I keep asking Stuart, “what’s that noise?”  and telling him to stop yelling at me.  Funny huh?  Now, which will come first, the cochlear implant of the shunt?  Each are inevitable, it’s just which one makes its requirement known first.  Of course, the shunt could be much more important for health reasons, but who knows how long the medication may work.  So much to consider, so much out of my hands.  (don’t you hate that?)

That’s all for today.  Hope everyone is enjoying the First Day of Spring.  (I don’t feel like we had a Winter.)  Everything is blooming at once, my allergies have gone mad!!

I should be saving these for next month.  : )

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