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What is the cause of these headaches?

Posted by jeannestar

I have terrible headahes in my temple (just on one side, usually the left) that are accompanied by a deep pain that travels from the back of my head, through my neck (the front too, near my lymphnode) down behind my shoulder blade, the front of my chest, my arm (inner elbow and, between thumb and index finger), down my back, side of hip, inside of knee and down the center of the sole of my foot. As I mentioned, the pain is usually on the left, but sometimes on the right, but never both sides at once. When I get these headaches, my lymphnode will throb, as well as the vein where my temple is. Often my arm and leg go numb as well. I have seen a neurolgist, gotten cat/scans, MRIS. etc. The only conclusive thing that was discovered is that I have Thorrassic Outlet Syndrom, though it could not be explained to me whether or not the headaches are a result of this. In addition, I have been sufferring from exterm fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, (difficulty concentrating, speaking etc.)  and a swollen lymophnode on the left side in my neck. I have seen so many Doctors, and still no one can really give me an understanding of what is going on.I guess the good news is that all the test results  (MRI'S, Lumbar puncture and bloodwork) I have had are clear except for a postive reult for Mono, however I was told that I probably would not still be experiencing these symptoms if it was only Mono, as that was over a month ago. The information that I have read about CFS and Fibromyalgia lead me to believe this may be what I am suffering from, but is this pain typical of Fibromyalgia? I have read that usually the pain is on both sides of the body and that it is often ongoing. My pain is, more often than not, accompanied by a headache and is intermittent (though usually occurs a few times a day, to varying degress of intensity). The muscles in my neck and shoulders will become very tight, and when the headache begins to subside, so does the muscle pain. Any input would be appreciated. I am at loss as to what to do, where to go next and feeling quite helpless. Thanks.
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