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What is going on???

Posted Apr 21 2013 6:18pm

Did we buy a house built on a burial ground?  Are we to be cursed forever?  I can have positive thoughts and depression in the same day…..yes I am feeling the bipolar bug a biting.

I wanted to write a memorial anniversary post about Sandy on the 18th, but I was losing consciousness at the headache pain neurologist office because I had such a migraine.  I couldn’t even wear my hearing technology, I went in deaf, because sounds hurt so much.  I had my sunglasses on and a hat to block out as much light as I could.  Stuart took care of everything.  I passed out twice, once I didn’t know where I was when I came to….and it had only been seconds.  I could barely talk, and I can’t even hear my own voice.

It’s those days that make it hard to find the positive.  And to top it off……

Stuart got laid off the day before.  Out of the blue.  Company got some new investors and started restructuring….’nuf said.

I probably have a ton more to say, I have hit some posts here and there….I’m sorry.  I still have 400 emails in my inbox.  If you have emailed me…I promise I’ll get to it….or resend it please…who knows what is lost in that pile.

My head is hurting so much.

I must get off the computer.  I’m not on here every day. I hope after getting back on Botox on the 7th, it will get better…may take a couple of months of treatments.

thank you all of sending healing thoughts my way.  I send out health and wellness thoughts to you all each night.  I breathe in your pain and out healthy thoughts.

(oh and don’t worry about the Bipolar Bug…I’m seeing both types of exterminations soon…yes I know it can’t be killed, but they can get it more under control.  I don’t want to feel like I’m just waiting to die.  But days like my trip to the neurologist, I feel like that….or I did.  I’m so confused about feelings right now and I know not to trust them.  Also hormonal time…so my emotions are being toyed with…as long as I know this, I can handle it.)

(I wanted a cool graphic for this, but just didn’t feel like drawing….in too much pain.)

Thank you to all who have commented here and I haven’t been to your blog, or at least not very often….I care more than I can say.


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