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Wednesday Weigh-in: Shrinkvivor Week #3

Posted Sep 29 2010 5:33am
Shrinkvivor Challenge at the Sisterhood! I feel so much better about how this week has gone!  Thanks to the encouragement from the wonderful ladies at the Sisterhood last week (after my pity-party weigh-in post), I feel like I have a much better perspective on the challenge and my success in getting healthy and fit has nothing to do with whether or not I end up on Exile Island.  Although, my office just moved closer to home and I would totally love to have that kickin’ bike to ride to work!

We had two challenges again this week – one physical and the other non-physical.  The physical challenges are what count towards team immunity.  This week’s physical challenge was to track your exercise minutes.  I racked up 150 minutes.  I would have like to have done more but again I am really trying to pace myself and not overdo it.  I have mostly been walking but I did a work out DVD yesterday and it about did me in!  I described it on Twitter as it felt like I had ripped an adhesion.  Of course I have no way to know that but if I had to describe it, that is the best way I know how.  So I will be taking it easy today.

The non-physical challenge was no fast food.  And seriously I made it all week!  I did have 2 or 3 of Abby’s fries on Friday but that was it!  No meals out for me!  That is really HUGE!  Of course we were suppose to keep up drinking our water which I did ok but not great on.  Always something to improve on!

So I felt more optimistic about hopping on the scale this morning and this is what it said:

weigh-in HOLY COW!

I’m down 2.8 pounds from last week!  Hooray!  I am so close to that 35 pound mark I can taste it!  I wanted to do a happy dance I was so excited to see that number!

So today if off to a great start!  I had a great weigh-in and am also rocking a new haircut!  I’m a little bummed that my highlights didn’t take (they were suppose to be violet but turned more of a mahogany – don’t know if meds have something to do with it) but I am having a re-do on Friday!  But here’s the cut:

new do

So here are my stats:

Starting weight: 164.4

Challenge Starting Weight: 133.4

Challenge Goal Weight (11/2): 128

Last week’s weigh-in: 132.8
Today’s weigh-in: 130.0
Change: -2.8

Overall Change: -34.4

Challenge Change: -3.4


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