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Update on Whole Foods discontinuing Gluten Free Mixes from

Posted Mar 12 2010 9:13am
Did any of you see this article from Teri's Gluten Free Cooking Blog on ?

"Update on Whole Foods Gluten-Free Mixes
Wednesday March 3, 2010
In case you didn't see the recent comment from Reid at Whole Foods regarding the discontinuation of their 365 brand of gluten-free mixes, I'd like to clarify what he said about what they're doing with their gluten-free mix products.
  • Whole Foods is replacing their line of 365 gluten-free mixes with Gluten-Free Pantry products.
  • Reid indicates that the transition to Gluten-Free Pantry products will include the same sizes and prices currently available under the 365 label.
  • You will still be able to find the same products you liked- just under a different label.
  • If you have questions for Whole Foods regarding this transition, please contact ."

Well I will be very interested to see if they really offer Gluten-Free Pantry products at the same price they offered the 365 brand.  At the Gluten-Free Panty Favorite Sandwich Bread retails for $5.99 a box, the 365 Sandwich Bread Mix retailed for less than $4.00 a box at my local Whole Foods.  My local Whole Foods carried some of both Gluten Free Panty mixes and 365 mixes, the Sandwich Bread mix was on the shelf right beside each other.  I compared the ingredients once and they were the same, of course I didn't know if they were the same proportions or not, but they did have the same things in them.

I've purchased a lot of 365 Sandwich Bread Mix, but I really think it's about time I started making bread from scratch.  That was just something I wasn't ready to do yet.  I tried a few times when I first had to start eating Gluten Free and failed miserably, I felt like I was wasting so much money, but now I think I could probably do it.  Plus, saving money would be a nice, and I'm sure I could make a loaf of bread for less than $5.00. 

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