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unkown chemical poisioning includes these symptoms live by train industrial yard..what do we test for

Posted by mathew solmonson

stomache cramping,tender to touch,gas bloating,nausia,loss off appetite,diaria somtimes watery,cold sweats,chills,sweaty hand and feet,rapid heartbeat,anxiety like symptoms,involentary mucle or joint spasms at bedtime,teeth have started to break apart not from cavitys just crumbling,eye dialation pupils enlarge look glossy ,blurry vision,

Have had a full bacteria work up everything was clear tested blood for heavy metals everything came up with in normal range , Whole family has symptoms talked to neighbors they have similair symtoms dont know what test to run and have spent my savings thinking it was bacterial or heavy metal just looking to see if any one else has dealt with this before and what did they do about it


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