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The Voidwalker will be the main individual pet used by the warlock

Posted Jun 26 2013 3:02am

There are totally seven new pets in mists
 of pandaria for warlock: Fel Imp, Wrathguard, Voidlord, Shivarra, Observer, Abyssal, Terrorguard,

Fel Imp: Spells: Blood Pact, Cauterize Master, Felbolt and Flee.  It replaces your Imp pet. The Imp is the basic form and deals its damage by throwing firebolts at its target from a distance.Wrathguard: Spells: Axe Throw, Search, Deadly Cleave and Wrathstorm. The Felguard is a devil only available to Demonology Warlocks that focuses on AOE harm while still being able to container for brief time periods.

The Voidlord: The Voidwalker will be the main individual pet used by the warlock.. The Tanking Pet of the Warlock. When his personality gets to stage 10, the Globe of Globe of warcraft

warlock will need to return to a investment to get the gap master pursuit. This may need the player to travel a little or a lot in the gnome version of the pursuit. All of the

warlock pet missions after the imp pursuit need the warlock to call a devil and beat it in the summoning group once the needed components are collected.

Shivarra: Spells: Smaller Invisibility, Bladedance, Fellash and Mesmerize. It changes your Succubus pet. The Succubus is definitely the best looking devil in your collection, after
all who can turn down a sexy demoness in a g-string.
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