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Summer Goals

Posted May 09 2012 10:55am
My summer goals
- Get an A in my summer class...unless I have to take two courses. Then I need an A in science and a B in math.
- Read 3 books. I'm not going to be unrealistic. I'm a fast reader, but I have no time and no attention span. And no dollas for books.
Environment/Hobbies (these are the ones most likely to NOT happen)

- Since I'll be staying in this apartment for awhile, I need to spruce it up a bit. I have all my "stuff to go on the walls" in a box because I thought this place would be more...temporary.
- Knit a scarf without losing interest 1/4 of the way in (don't judge me)
- Learn to sew. (Not well...just learn the basics.)
- Cook something. Just one something. But it has to be a real something from a recipe and must have more than four ingredients. I'll probably force Trey to eat it, whatever it is. Good luck, babe!
- Keep my apartment clean. I'm on day two or three in a row of it being clean. And I'll be gone from Thursday through Sunday, so that means it'll be clean for, like, a whole week! I need to keep it that way.
- Learn not to scream when I see those giant roach things. I have tons of bug killer spray and I am bigger than a roach. I will not scream. I will not scream. I will scream.

- Don't kill anyone/don't punch the neighbors.
- Don't be such a recluse. I don't care if I'm hurting or tired. GET UP AND DO SOMETHING.
- Don't let it bother me so much when people steal exact sentences (adding one word to my sentence doesn't count as your own thoughts) from my statuses/blogs and exact formats from my blogs. None of my stuff is great, or even good. Y'all can find better things out there to copy or rephrase, I promise you. It's kind of like cheating off the math test of the guy beside you in class...except he's failing the class. (The guy failing the class is me. Why is it a guy? I don't know.)
- This is what bugs me most, and I need to not let it bother me - when someone steals statuses/tweets from whoever/whatever and pretends like she wrote them. And her dumb friends hail her as being "so clever" and say that she "should be president" because she's "so wise." It's not my problem. As long as she leaves my stuff alone, I need to let it go. It's not my problem, so I need to leave it alone. It weakens my faith in my generation when I see her idiot friends not recognizing when she steals quotes from famous authors, etc., and claims them as her own. How did people like that even graduate high school?

- Actually get my monthly B12 injections. I definitely keep avoiding it. It's not that it's just that my family doctor's nurse (who's the one that gives the shot) is rarely there. And when she is there, I'm busy. But I need to find time. Normal B12 levels are 200 - 900 pg/mL (but over 400 is generally better). Last time I went awhile without my injections, my level was down to 15 pg/mL. FIFTEEN, Y'ALL. Secondary Pernicious Anemia is no joke, apparently.
- This weight, man. Some of it's going to be gone. This drug-induced menopause is trying to KILL ME, symptom-wise. And one of those symptoms is weight. But I'm already 5lbs down, so here we gooooooooo.
- Go a day without poking at the wires in my back. I can't help it! I can feel them through the skin. And since I'm not a real robot and I'm still interested in weird things, I can't stop poking it. So it's always sore.
- Pilates every day. Pilates does not mean what you think it means. It's special pilates for people with bladder diseases. Real pilates with all the machines and stuff freaks me out. Those things look like torture devices.
- Find (or compile) a yoga routine that won't hurt my Interstim. Because right now, I'm not having any luck with that. Exercises on my back hurt the device, as do any exercises that involve bending/twisting. Which is a huge part of yoga.
- Caffeine hurts so much. I need to stop drinking diet sodas. Water and fruit juice 4eva.
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