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Status, natural look at the problem from different angles

Posted Nov 09 2012 11:43am
Points out, there is no guarantee that CIA to head a big fuss, to provoke air ride Legion wrath. accept its results of arbitration! light of God on the witness being to! The obvious fact wounded Shangguan profits discount north face Dong Meng Cui Tianhao trio, Shang Lee Long has no direct relationship. Shangguan experience is about to fall into irreconcilable contradictions. Shang Lee Long is no direct hands Shangguan profits, transaction within the family, it is difficult given the name of his malicious injury to instigate the so-called talk can really be used to deal with, let Weihai dignitary officials Xiaodiaotaiya the! To the Shangguan experience dare to use the name of the family of internal affairs to handle cross-Dong Cui three reserve empty Knight, probably will receive within three days of Longxing Emperor the many the Urgent informants Weihai Shangguan family rebellion of Letters. Shang Lee Long whispered, this person is the great aristocratic Zhen of Weihai very prestigious currency, knighted property are pressure Shangguan experience and three generations of fortune, however, history can not be compared with the Shangguan family has been Shangguan learned to suppress, helpless . Shangguan experience hate teeth itch, Zhen also coins really jump out, he spoiler thing to trouble. Shang Lee Long discount north face four people hard to also easy to get! Hot air ride Legion, Weihai the Shangguan family can discuss what is good? Arbitration group and then how to, are Weihai figure looked up not bow to see, to north face jackets cheap the position they would not bias aside discount north face! No matter what was said, discount north face trio hands wounding iron fact, reasonable word is accounted prison! Rongchang Di States aristocratic family of the unwritten rules, the panel of arbitrators who have agreed to handle disputes may also unconditionally obey their final arbitration. Openly rejected by will be deemed to have the basic quality of the aristocratic family, cast aside by the aristocratic family empire. Reserve space knights active, therefore, proposed by the panel of arbitrators, the panel of arbitrators to make of their adverse ruling, they will not be able to cheap north face jackets empty riding Legion nominal evade responsibility. The Weihai Magistrate Yuanfeng Li engraved pushed to the sharp wind waves mouth
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