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Spinach and Cheese Scramble - Dark Days S.O.L.E. food

Posted Dec 30 2010 8:43pm

This is just a simple scramble I made this morning, but I used all S.O.L.E. (Sustainable, Organic, Local, Ethical) ingredients.  As you probably know by now (unless this is the first post of mine that you are reading), I'm unofficially following the (not so) Urban Hennery's Dark Days Challenge  to create a meal a week during the winter using as many S.O.L.E. ingredients as possible.

I guess the following isn't really a whole meal for many, but it was for me.

Spinach and Cheese Scramble

  • Olive Oil Spray (I use a sprayer that you can fill with your own oil, the oil I used is organic but not local).
  • A huge handful of spinach, washed with the ends trimmed off (the Spinach is organic and local from Tiny Farms in Hillsborough, NC.)
  • 2 eggs (I had local and organic eggs from cage free chickens).
  • 1/4 cup or less of grated cheese (I used local cheese from Chapel Hill Creamery called Hickory Grove.  Chapel Hill Creamery's owners have the philosophy of raising "cows that are healthy and happy and improving the quality of the land").
Spray your pan with the Olive Oil and heat to medium.  Throw on the spinach and let it wilt.  I just cracked the eggs and put them straight on the spinach and pan scrambled, but you could whisk them up in a bowl first and then add it to the spinach.
Place the scramble on a plate and cover with cheese.

That's it.  I've made this before with cheddar cheese, and I've added a few more spices before, even a little sauteed onion is good.  However, this time, I really wasn't crazy about the cheese.  The cheese guy at Earth Fare said it was buttery with a little bit of a nutty flavor.  I asked him if it would be good in a quiche, and he assured me it would.  Well, when I think of buttery with a little bit of a nutty flavor, I think of something like Gouda.  This was very stinky cheese.  I didn't taste the buttery, nutty flavor.  It was way too strong for me to taste much but an over powering stinky cheese taste.  I know a lot of people like strong stinky cheese, but I'm not really one of them.  I like some of it, with some things; like a good sampling of cheese with good wine.  But not with my breakfast.  I'm sure this is a great cheese for some things, but not for my eggs.

I often make a scramble with left over veggies like broccoli and asparagus too.  It's a great way to get in a serving of veggies.  I often just use the egg whites because I really need to watch my cholesterol.  (My triglycerides are too high.)  I like Egg Beaters, but they have sodium in them, and I'm on a low sodium diet.  I choose where I have my sodium carefully, and in my eggs is not one of those choices.

We used to just buy regular eggs.  What ever was cheaper was ok.  Now, that we've been buying Cage Free eggs for a few years, I was really surprised to taste the difference when we visited my father and made eggs there.  He just had the normal white eggs.  The first think I noticed was that the yoke wasn't as yellow.  Then we started eating, and I was shocked by how little flavor they had compared to the Cage Free eggs we normally buy.  (We also try to buy local eggs as much as possible.  We can find them at the Farmer's Market for about $4.00 a dozen, but I can get them at Earth Fare for about $1.99 a dozen, and at Weaver Street Market for about $2.00 for 18.)  Yes, I try to buy local, and organic, but I do shop around and try to get the best deal for the money.

One great thing I've found buying produce at the Farmer's Market is that is seems to last so much longer.  I could buy the same thing at the grocery store and it would be bad in less than a week.  I've had the spinach I ate today in the refrigerator from my last trip to the Farmer's Market on December 18th.  That was 12 days ago, and it still looks great.

Next up.  Hop'N Johns.  Well, Black Eyed Peas cooked with bacon, Collard Greens, and Rice 
What else would a Southerner eat on New Year's Day?

Happy New Year to you all!

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