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Smiles & Stuff

Posted Sep 16 2011 4:00am
I don't want to be a Negative Narla all the time. Things are pretty bad for me right now; I'm having a really rough time. But it's 2:30 in the morning and I'm going to make a list of positive things that have happened recently.

  • I don't know why it's funny, but I saw this commercial for the first time and it made me laugh and laugh and laugh. And laugh some more.
  • My lovely mother got my November 9th Vandy appointment changed to October 19th! It's still a ways off, but every day closer counts.
  • Having a class with my friend Kyra helps because she's awesome. She smells like a hotel room sometimes.
  • Positive tweets/comments from people like Nicolle, Rachel W, and my cousins Beth & Laura. I love them all so much. <3
  • Finally getting connected to the online chronic illness community. I wanted to find a support group where I live, but none exist. And I don't really have the extra energy to seek out people and start one.
  • My pee is the color of a green/yellow glowstick. I guess it's not really a positive thing. But...I mean. Is YOUR pee the color of a glowstick? Didn't think so. How cool am I?
  • The show Parenthood is back on. I love that show. And what's better is it's on hulu so I can watch it when I can actually focus on it.
  • My mom's pretty sure that the Gardasil vaccine caused my Dysautonomia. We'll probably never know if that's true. But there's a documentary coming out about the negative effects of the vaccine, and it looks really interesting. A lot of people has nervous system issues after the vaccine, just like me. The documentary is called One More Girl. (Click it to go to the documentary's official website.)
  • My boyfriend is really, really, really handsome. That's not something that happened recently, though. It's kind of an ongoing thing.
  • Things are really bad for me right now. But luckily (!!!!!!) I have a regular check-up appointment with my Dysautonomia Specialist in Birmingham on the 30th where I can talk to her about all this crap that recently started happening again. What awesome timing. The 30th may seem like a long ways away...but if you ever go see a specialist on a regular basis, you understand that that's not very far away.
  • The weather is getting cooler. While the cold air makes some of my aches worse, it makes the general Dysautonomia better. Because I'm so hot ALL THE TIME. And I'm on hormones and everything, which just make me hotter. So the cooler weather is amazing. I still sleep with an ice pack and two fans pointed directly at me, though.
  • My cat, while he's always been loving to me (in the whole 1.5 months that I've had him) has finally started willingly sitting in my lap. He may become a lap cat after all. He also talks to me a lot, which puts me in a better mood. He loves books.
    ^ He's lying on his favorite book there, The Necessary Shakespeare.
    He's less grumpy since the weather got cooler because I open the window sometimes. He just sits there and talks to the outside world. I've never heard a cat with so much to say.
  • I recently read The Help, which was really good.
  • I think I did okay on my first Lifespan Development exam. I guess we'll just have to wait and see on that one.

Yay for reasons to smile even though life is trying to punch you in the face! :)
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