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Saving Spoons – Closet Organization

Posted Nov 11 2010 11:00pm
Photobucket It’s time for another round of Saving Spoons! And I must say that I am super excited about this week’s post as it is an area where I need LOADS of help! So needlesstosay, I am not today’s writer! Karen from Strictly Simple Style will be sharing tips on closet organization! Who doesn’t need help with that? And would it be great to be organized in time for the holidays? Enjoy!

I’m so jealous of her closet-and her cellulite free legs!

Have you ever watched one of those shows that feature celebrity homes? Some people might be green with envy when they see the size of the master bathroom, complete with an Olympic pool sized tub. Others may covet the gourmet kitchen where the star’s personal chef prepares every meal. For me, it’s the closets that make me swoon. They are always pristine, equipped with things like built-in drawers for jewelry storage and areas to house the starlets collection of shoes, most of which will be worn only once. In the real world though, most of us would be satisfied simply having enough space to house our belongings in an organized fashion.

Having been raised in a family with six children, I learned through osmosis from my Mom that organization is essential to making life run smoothly and an organized closet is a good place to start. When your closet, and the closets of your family members, are well organized, you won’t have to spend hectic mornings hunting down Junior’s karate belt or tear apart the house looking for your lucky blouse, the one you were wearing when you got your last promotion at work. Here are my favorite tried and true tips for creating and maintaining an organized closet.

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Via Work Chic

Twice a year, religiously, every member of my family is politely asked (translation: forced!) to weed through their closet and drawers for items that they have not worn in the past 12 months, including shoes, belts and accessories. We do this at the end of the summer and the beginning of spring each year. Anything that doesn’t fit or we just don’t wear any longer is either boxed up and taken to a local charity or passed on to relatives with younger children.

*At this time we also pull out any items that need repairs, like mending or to have buttons replaced.

Sort Clothing by Color

When I told my best friend that I arrange my clothing by color, she said I was anal and LOL’d all over the place-until she tried it herself. When you arrange your clothes by color it allows you to find items easier and also makes it a breeze to pull together an ensemble for the day. Think about the way that clothing stores sort their clothing by color and size, it makes it simple for the customer to find what they are looking for, right?

If the owner of this closet wants a red t-shirt, for example, it’s just a matter of heading to that section of the closet. As a bonus, you always know what items you might want to wear later in the week will need laundering.

Via College Fashion

Sort Clothing by Type

Dull wardrobe, but great organization!

Again, take your cues from your favorite department store. You wouldn’t see slacks, sweaters and blouses all hung on the same rack. That would make it difficult for the shopper to find what he or she was looking for. If you place all of your white blouses, for instance, in one section of the closet, you can head straight there and selecting your clothing for the day will take just seconds, no frustration necessary.

To make things even easier, sort clothing in sub-categories as well. Long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts and sleeveless tops can be placed side-by-side, but each in their own designated space on the rack. As well, for the ladies, give dress pants, capris and jeans each their own section of the closet.

Use Your Vertical Space

Don’t waste an inch, even those few inches at the top of a shelf can provide much needed storage space.

via Frugal with a Flourish

When storage space is at a premium, make use of every square inch by using the space at the top of your closet to house items that aren’t used frequently. If possible, keep a small step stool handy to make pulling down those items easier.

Find Storage Solutions that Work Overtime

There are all sorts of clever storage pieces available at retailers like Target and Ikea that do double duty in the closet. You can find hanging shoe storage, over-the-door pieces that can house items large and small and a variety of boxes where items, like seasonal sweaters, can be stacked when not needed.

A scarf hanger from Ikea , $7.99, allows you to hang multiple scarves while using just inches of valuable space.

Another Ikea find, the Brallis Clothes Hanger is just $3.99 and will hold several pairs of pants.

Have Fun!

Function might be the goal, but it never hurts to make your closet a little more attractive. Just for fun, add a few pretty or decorative storage solutions to your closets. My blogging friend Laura from Journey Chic created a practical and good looking solution for jewelry storage. Using an inexpensive bulletin board, a small remnant of fabric and some decorative nails, Laura made a hanging storage piece for her jewelry. It could be attached to the inside of a closet door, but it’s so pretty that she could display it on a wall to add a decorative touch to a room.

Pretty, yet practical, the Shoe Wheel from Rakku , $65, can hold up to 30 pairs of shoes.

In our often chaotic life, an organized closet is one way to help make life a little more relaxing. If you have children, teaching them the skills necessary to organize a closet can spill over into other areas of their life and show them that organization makes every day life easier.

Do you have a favorite tip for organizing your closets?

As always if you have a tip or advice you’d like to share about organization, entertaining, meal ideas, or any other shortcuts to save time & energy and would like to be a guest poster on ANKON, please shoot me an email! I would love to have you!
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