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Restaurant Review - Blu Seafood and Bar and Francesca's Dessert Cafe

Posted Jul 01 2009 12:00am

Tonight was my Birthday and I wanted Crab Legs!!

So my husband did his research and found Blu, a Seafood Restaurant and Bar, located at 2002 Hillsborough Road in Durham, NC, not too far from where we live. Here's the website:

We didn't have time to give them a heads up that a gluten intolerant person was coming for dinner but I was certain that crab legs would be gluten free. We made sure to get there right at 5pm as soon as they opened for dinner so they wouldn't be busy and I could discuss my needs with them. This worked out just fine. Tonight turned out to be Crab Thursday so all the Crab items were on special! I couldn't have been happier. They had a Crab Cob Salad and the waiter checked with the chef to make sure the dressing was gluten free and everything was a go! It was very tasty with a special homemade dressing. Then I had a 1/2 pound of crab legs. I was in heaven!

Of course they had a lovely bread they offered my husband that he said was scrumptious. And he had a Jerk Chicken that I didn't ask if I would have been able to eat or not. It didn't look like it would have had any gluten in it, but who knows.

I was very happy with the excellent service I received at this restaurant, they didn't blink an eye when I said that I was gluten intolerant. Also, the atmosphere here was just like a restaurant at the beach. We sat on a closed in porch, but I felt like I was outside it just wasn't hot. It was all white and blue. I grew up close to Myrtle Beach and this restaurant made me feel like I was close to home. I really wish they would have had a gluten free dessert but you can't have everything. My husband was disappointed because there weren't more fried items on the menu.

Instead of mis sing dessert we just walked right down the street and went to Francesca's Dessert Cafe located at 706 Ninth Street. We both had Gelato. I had Chocolate Banana and Sweet Cream and my husband had Coffee flavored (it had a fancy name but we can't remember it) and Banana Chip. I was very impressed that the guy behind the counter knew exactly what I was talking about when I asked if the Gelato had gluten in it, and he knew which ones had certain things added that may have gluten added, like cookies and things. We just love this stuff. We were both very proud of our selves for getting a small. This is the same place we went on our second date. We went out to eat at a cute little burrito place (I didn't know I was Celiac back then) then we walked around Ninth street had Gelato at Francesca's and just had a grand time checking out the little shops and book stores. It was nice to reinact part of that date tonight.

I would highly recommend both Blu and Francesca's. Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful, and everything was very good.
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