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Real Food Challenge Week 1 and This Week’s Plan

Posted Mar 07 2011 3:26pm

We started the Real Food Challenge this March 1st.  Our goal is to eat even more Real Foods, cut out processed foods, and to eat out less often.

How did we do this week…well, not all that great…but not horribly either.

We ate out 3 times.  Way too much.  Most of the time when we eat out it’s because we are out and about and simply can’t make it home before we are too hungry.

The first was after a doctor’s appointment that was way away from home.  We ate at Chipolte Mexican Grill, if you are out and have to catch something, this is a pretty good choice for a chain.  They serve “Food with Integrity” .  I didn’t feel so bad about this choice.

The second time we didn’t make the best choice.  We ate at a fast food burger place.  We vary rarely eat fast food, but we were out and it was pretty much the only choice we could find where I could get something gluten free.  (Sometimes a burger with no bun is the answer to a gluten free dilemma.)  I’m hoping in the future to be able to plan better so we won’t be forced to make this type of decision.

The third time had been planned for a long time.  I finally got to meet a friend I’ve made because of my blog.  She is a great person and we were so happy to be able to get together with her and her sister while they were in town.  We ate at a local Thai restaurant that focuses on real food.  This was a good decision for eating out.

I did eat some bread that I bought a while back.  I don’t normally eat that much bread, but I really wanted a sandwich one night.  Rudi’s Gluten Free bread isn’t the worst choice, at least I know what all the ingredients are and there are no preservatives.  So all in all, not a bad choice.  I should make up some home-made bread and freeze it, but I have to say, I haven’t found a gluten-free bread recipe that I really love, so the search continues.

One more slip-up, Stuart ate potato chips as a snack one night.  I’d really like to make sure to have more healthy snacks on hand that Stuart will like so he isn’t tempted by such items, but I’m at a loss with this one.  My husband knows all the reasons not to eat them, but he has a weakness for processed snack food.

Here’s what I have planned for dinners so far for this week:


Pork Chops – I’m thinking we will grill these after marinating them.  I’ll probably serve these with stir fried veggies. (I’ll post the recipe for the pork chops after we try it out.)

Roasted Chicken in the Slow Cooker with Broccoli on the side.  I’ll probably roast the Broccoli .

Burgers on the Grill with fixings.  Stuart will have a bun with all the normal stuff.  I’ll won’t have a bun,  I will have homemade sauerkraut on the side.  I’ll probably also make a veggie to go with this.

Autumn Stew – I’ll cook the Kidney Beans in the slow cooker.

The other 2 nights we’ll probably have left overs.  I may make risotto one night to add to left overs. One night we may end up eating out because we have an appointment in the late afternoon on Wednesday that is on the other side of town.  We plan to run to some stores over there while we are there, so we’ll be getting home a little late.  I’ll try to make sure I have a plan so we can eat at a place that serves real food.

For lunches we usually eat left overs from dinners.  One day we are planning to eat out for lunch since we will be out for an appointment at that time of day, we have a coupon for a little local place that serves local, organic food.  So we’ll still be eating real food.  : )

For Breakfast we’ve been enjoying a scramble made of local eggs, spinach, sausage, and local cheese.   We will probably have gluten free pancakes on Sunday.  I may have oatmeal for a breakfast or two.

Snacks will include apples with cheese, walnuts and raisins, and peanuts.

**All meat and vegetables mentioned are organic, and often from local sources.  All were purchased from Weaver Street, a local co-op.

This post is being shared at The Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday .

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