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Oops…Wrong Stomach (caregiving hazards)

Posted Jul 01 2010 11:28am

My husband went into the kitchen to get me two Naproxen Sodium tablets this morning.  (My neck and its problems have flared.)  My daughter was in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher.  They started talking.  As my husband’s attention focused on their conversation, the tablets in his hand, that were suppose to end up in my stomach, ended up in his.  Oops! Thank goodness he wasn’t holding two of my prescription tablets.  He probably wouldn’t have made it to work and would have needed some care himself.

This has got me thinking of more hazards my husband faces living with and caring for me:

-Putting his back out having to lift chunky me off the floor
-When in a work phone meeting (he works from home) and I’m suddenly shot by severe pain, having my unsavory expletives fly out to his coworkers ears
-Waking up in the middle of the night near suffocation due to one of my abundance of support pillows falling on his face
-Jumping every time his cell phone rings thinking its me needing him to pick me up off the floor
-Morphing his nature from “typical guy” without a clue about “woman attire” to metro-sexual whose learned how to pick out my outfits when I can’t…this includes the right shoes to go with them and the correct garments to wear underneath.
-Being approached by single woman who think he’s a single man, because outside of home and attending events, he’s solo most the time. (Wait that one’s a hazard for me!)

I know how fortunate I am to have this guy to help me along this chronic illness journey.  It can get pretty serious taking care of someone who is sick and sometimes it can be darn funny!   Feel free to share your own stories.  (If you are one of those tough cookies who are a care-giver to yourself…maybe you have a story about a hazard you’ve encountered in doing so.)

*Hey its almost the fourth of July.  I’ll be tucked away in a nest of blankets in the quietest room in the house when the fireworks go off–our bathroom.  I miss our dog who passed two years ago, as he couldn’t tolerate the fourth of July noises either and would hide away with me.  Here’s to all of our CNS’s staying as soothed as possible this weekend and to feeling well enough to have some fun.

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