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Octopus Robot Surgery

Posted Oct 12 2012 8:00pm
At 2:30 AM on Wednesday morning, my dad drove me down to Brookwood Hospital in Birmingham. I was the first case of the day for my surgeon. It's all a blur, so I don't really remember much pre-surgery. After being chatted up by 3 nurses, the anesthesiologist, and the surgeon, I was finally wheeled into the operating room.

This surgery was done with a fancy robot, and I only got a glimpse of it before they put me under. I wish that we could've been formally introduced because he was really cute and would be a good provider for my future family. We would name our children Botty and Bippy; they'd be twins, obviously.
Here's what the robot basically looked like.
Cool, right? Looks like some weird octopus robot thing. The next thing I know, I was waking up in recovery, whining about needing my chapstick. I was apparently in recovery for awhile, then I was taken up to my hospital room.

From what I can remember, here's what happened during the surgery
- The nurse got my IV in after ONE try. The same thing happened when I had to get bloodwork done last week. Maybe this means good things as far as the hypovolemia goes? :)

- He found a bunch of lesions all up on my organs. On my uterus and ovaries. The big U and Os. I just had a laparoscopy done two years ago, and it's weird that so much grew back in that amount of time. I'll get the biopsy results sometime next week. I think the most likely results, in order, could be
               1) more endometriosis [why did it grow back so quickly]
               2) general inflammation [I honestly have no idea how that's significant]
               3) Precancerous cells or something [very unlikely, right? I don't even really consider that an option at this point.]               4) I have no idea, but I'm sure there are other options. Like...uterine poison ivy. Ovarian swine flu. Something. Anyway, he cut out all the lesions. Cut 'em out and tossed 'em in the trash. And by trash, I mean specimen containers. You know...for the biopsies.

- Drained a cyst. That's a given. And there was only one this time. According to the pictures, it was just in an odd place.

- Another hormone therapy delivery method...happened? I don't know how to phrase that. But let's just say I'm on a different hormone therapy now.

- The pelvic congestion syndrome? It's practically nonexistent anymore. Yea, you read that correctly. Bye, bye, painful varicose veins! You can suck it.

- My blood pressure didn't plummet and my heart rate stayed pretty consistent. That almost never happens! The fact that they didn't have to drown me in beta blockers during/after surgery makes me very, very happy. My oxygen levels, however, got really low for awhile after I woke up. I had to keep the itchy oxygen crap on my face even after I got up to my room. No idea what that was all about.

So, nothing too eventful. It took longer than I thought it would, there were more surgeons in there than I thought would be in there, and more stuff was cut out than I thought would be. I have fancy pictures of my innards in HD now! But I won't post those.Unless someone wants to see them...which I doubt.

So I spent the night at Brookwood surrounded by mini chocolate milk cartons and drugged up on Dilaudid. I had some minor allergic reaction where my face and neck swelled, turned red, and had what almost looked like welts. But the meds helped the surgery pain so much that it was worth it. I had to stay a little bit longer than I expected. But do you know what that means? More chocolate milk. Awriiiight.
I came home sometime yesterday afternoon and crashed.

I even came home to a lovely card from the doctor's office wishing me happy healing! I love this doctor so much. More importantly, I trust him. I was the first patient that he's used the robot on in about three years. I had no hesitations or concerns about that, because that's how much I trust him.

Today, two of my buddies from class came to visit me today! They brought me lots of good things. I love the people in my life. I've been crazy the past few weeks, and I'm glad they've stuck by me. I've felt like I've been going insane, so it's really nice to know that people care.

So the things I have to deal with now are:
1) Wait for the biopsy results
2) Get caught up on homework
3) Hope the pain gets better

Until then, here is a picture of Samson The Cat playing with a lil blue kitty.

Thank you to everyone who's been sending good thoughts my way, praying, and thinking about me. I appreciate everything y'all do. <3 No matter what you believe in, it's always nice to be thought about.

"If you're feeling happy vibes, they're from me. [...] I'm vibin' you real hard. I'm building a wall of love around you, three inches all around." - from Rob Sheffield's Love is a Mix Tape
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