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National Thank a Teacher Day

Posted May 08 2012 1:14pm
This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. As a part of that week, today is National Thank a Teacher Day.

I'm sure that, in my quest to become a teacher, I will be posting more than a few times about my favorite (and least favorite) teachers. But for now, here are my Thank a Teacher SparkNotes.

I'd like to thank...

- All the teachers at Country Day School for believing me when I lied and told them that Samantha said she hated everyone. I only said it so that I would get more time with the glow in the dark playdough. Don't judge. (I'd also like to SCOLD those same teachers for believing Samantha when she falsely accused me of saying "Liar liar, pants on fire," and those teachers decided I wasn't allowed to ride the tricycles ALL WEEK.)

- Mrs. Hoffman, my 3rd grade teacher at Horizon Elementary School, for crying when I was a point away from getting into the gifted program because she knew how badly I wanted it.

- Mrs. Hernandez, my 6th grade teacher, for treating us like adults. We were the oldest in the school and we were tired of being treated like children.
I'm also thankful for that time the principal was in the room and Mrs. Hernandez was writing "assassination" on the board but she stopped to say something after only writing the first three letters of the word, and we. All. DIED. I know we wanted to be treated like adults...but something about curse words is just funny, even now.

- Mrs. Katschke, my 8th grade English teacher, for pushing me to sing and saying things like, "I can't believe such a huge voice came out of someone so small!" She also pushed me with my writing. That was "the poetry phase," which I later grew out of. But I never grew out of loving to write and loving to sing, and I never forgot her compliments.

- Mr. Kendrick, my middle school choir teacher and assistant band director. He taught me to love music. He taught me that I was good at music. I learned what it was like to be a part of a group of like-minded individuals who all shared a passion for something. He'll get an entire post to himself at some point, because I'd say that he was the most influential teacher in my entire life.

- Mrs. Marsh, my Freshman Composition professor at UAH. After the Dysautonomia started to get a little easier and I finally started taking college classes, I wasn't myself. I was so quiet. But Mrs. Marsh was the first professor to force me out of my shell and be loud again.

- Dr. Thomas, my Shakespeare professor at UAH. He was basically a male version of Mrs. Marsh. He, too, pushed me out of my shell once again. Sometimes you lose your funny, and it's nice when a teacher comes around and knocks it back into you. It's weird how they can sense when you're faking being an introvert.

- Dr. Kovacs. I still have a future class with him, and I'm not exactly sure what I'm thanking him for yet. But he's made a difference in my thinking and in my goals, and I feel like that's one of the biggest achievements a teacher can accomplish.

So...thank you, to all the teachers out there. And thank you to all the future teachers who dream of making differences. <3
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