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Murphy May

Posted May 20 2010 12:51am

Oh what a month this has been.  Murphy and his law have settled into our house and we’re just beginning to accept him with a sense of humor.  This has been a time of change as my kiddo and his family joined us in living within these walls.  What an adjustment for all.  I am learning a lot…as I know everyone is.  It takes awhile to understand each person’s way, then how to combine them into a “whole” that runs smoothly.

The bug I caught from my cutie-pie granddaughter triggered chronic bronchitis/asthma–I’m hacking the days away as well as the nights.  Consequently, my hubby is quite sleep deprived (and usually good tempered, is a little on the grumpier side.)  The following doesn’t help my cough or my hardworking tired hubby…

Our upstairs bathroom floor we now know, was overwhelmed with moisture and could hold it no longer.  It rained the water through the  kitchen ceiling, which now has a four by four gaping hole in it…and a few boards, with some asthma loving mold!

My daughter’s tire exploded on the way home from school–and other happenings of that sort have been quite abundant.  There’s more that I won’t get into…except to mention that in a week, much loved family comes from out of state to celebrate my youngest daughter’s graduation and all will get to share a “soggy” bathroom and a kitchen with a gaping hole in the ceiling.

Murphy does not care if we are sick, in the midst of an overwhelming adversity, how much money we in your bank account or whether company is coming. Being human requires plenty of mops and towels and such…

ME/CFS all by its little ‘ole self is Over-overwhelming.  It’s hard to mop and wipe up messes when exertion is often impossible. Throw extra stressors on top of debilitating chronic illness and “Oh what a messier mess am I”.

This messier mess that I am is surrendering to Murphy.  In his travels he manages to visit us all…and always when we least expect him.

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