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Monday Medical News – If you get licked by a cow . . .

Posted Jul 06 2010 8:04am

Your illnesses will not go away but boy does it provide a good laugh and it is good for the soul!  All research performed by A New Kind of Normal and no animals were harmed :)

Me & Abby at Hollywild Zoo!

While riding the Safari Bus, we got the privilege of feeding the animals!

Such as this big guy, Jordan

Jordan really liked crackers!

While feeding these animals, I was approached by a seemingly innocent cow, who we will call Bessie.

She looks innocent doesn't she?

However, when feeding her a cracker, I didn’t get my hand out of the way fast enough and I got licked.  By a cow.  Yuck!  Abby thought it was hilarious!

So here are my tips for visiting the zoo with a chronic illness:

  1. If you are going in the summer, go early in the morning.  Its cooler, often less crowded, and the animals are more active too!
  2. Pack snacks!  If you are going to be doing a lot of walking, you don’t want your blood sugar to bottom out.
  3. If you are worried about doing a ton of walking, visit a smaller zoo.  You will still have tons of fun and it won’t steal as many spoons !

Ok.  Maybe this doesn’t qualify as “Medical News” but I hope sharing my experience will encourage you spoonies out there to get out and enjoy some day trips this summer!

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