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Long Time No Blog.

Posted Sep 23 2012 7:33am
There are a few different reasons that I haven't blogged in awhile. The main one being that things kept getting worse, and I felt like I had nothing positive to contribute to the blogosphere. Bright side: I recently learned that maybe blogs that deal with diseases don't have to be uplifting all the time.

If you want an update on everything overall, I've updated the page that can be reached by clicking the "About My Illness" tab at the top of this page. The stuff at the beginning is pretty much the same as it was before; what's changed is the stuff at the end.

Long story short: I have a partially paralyzed stomach, which means more nerve damage than we thought. (It also means I'll have to stay on a mashed/pureed/liquid diet.) The neuropathic pain is also spreading and worsening. Uncontrollable muscle spasms, numbness, and twitching are also becoming more frequent, but aren't really anything to worry about yet. All of these things are indicative of something bigger going on, especially since things seem to be progressing and not responding to any treatments. However, the exact issue can't be narrowed down any further until something else goes wrong.

[If any sickies, or anyone for that matter, reads that page and wants to offer any opinions or ideas about what you think might be going on, I'd appreciate hearing it. At the bottom of that page, there's a basic list of secondary issues/conditions/diseases that makes it easier to deal with than reading that long story.]

Sometime this week, I'll be scheduling my second laparoscopic surgery in Birmingham because the pelvic pain is back, worse than ever. Bright side: during one ER visit for the pain, they gave me Demerol for the first time. Um...hey? That stuff was AWESOME.
Anyway, my pelvic pain doctor is trying something new, as well as making sure that no leftover endometriosis or scar tissue are partying in my pelvis. Bright side: This time, he'll be doing the surgery with a ROBOT. Apparently the robot is able to capture video and pictures of my insides in HD 3D. Like those fancy TVs. innards will be playing on the screen instead of Game of Thrones.

And you know what rocks? The Interstim. I love my little device. Even though it only took care of one pain out of is better than none. And it gives me hope as far as everything else goes, too. :)

I think that everyone has something important to say. But I think that for people with an illness, sometimes what we have to say is often overlooked or deemed not as important because we're "just complaining" (as I have often been told). There are good days and there are bad days. I don't see why the bad days should be ignored when, in the end, they're such a huge part of how everything turns out.

I don't plan for everything on here to be about "just complaining" when things are rough. I do plan to discuss some of the great things going on in my life, also. Some things my doctor told me, which I'll dedicate an entire post to some other day, are helping me realize that I might actually have something important to say. I just haven't quite figured out what it is yet.
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