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Issues in the Tissues

Posted Feb 20 2010 1:59pm
As a massage therapist and hypnotist, I, Wendy Goldstein at, assist clients to work with their feelings about a medical diagnosis they received. I do not work directly on the medical diagnosis, just their feelings regarding the diagnosis. People come to me for personal growth and for increased physical well-being. In the course of their session(s), clients discover a connection between physical tension and their emotional life. Through session(s), clients often experience a deep self-acceptance and increased self-confidence in their abilities. Through the process of awareness, clients may find relief from specific physical discomfort, in addition to experiencing increased vitality and mental clarity.Research in Australia has psychologists writing that hypnotism has been found to be effective in depression, anxiety, and pain management. Read: being a doctor, I do not treat folks with these clinically diagnosed "dis-eases". I do help them with the symptoms that these problems might be manifesting. And in so doing, their clinically diagnosed disease might cause less discomfort and stress, or even begin to improve. The mind is a powerful tool. Positive and healthy thinking can be beneficial.  As more and more people are taking care of the responsibility for their own health, worldwide, the awareness for complementary therapies such as hypnotism and massage is getting higher recognition.  By 1958 the American Medical Association approved hypnotism and massage therapy as viable practices.  I adhere to ethical guidelines and can help as an adjunct to conventional medical or mental health interventions.  If you know those in need of hypnotherapy or massage care I welcome your referrals.  You'll be helping to make their world and yours more serene.
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