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Is Candida Infection Affecting Your Health?

Posted Dec 28 2010 9:17pm

Chronic Candida infection – also known as thrush or yeast infection – can negatively impact the state of your overall wellbeing for many years. This often overlooked disease manifests itself with a number of seemingly unrelated signs, which makes it hard to diagnose for most allopathic doctors.

The most common symptoms of Candida yeast infection include problems with digestion (bloating and diarrhea), chronic fatigue (more noticeable after eating), recurring vaginal infections and cravings for sugar. It can be particularly galling to live with this condition as Candida infection is still one of those illnesses conventional medical science knows little about and your doctor may be unable to explain these symptoms without a holistic approach to treatment.

Who is at risk of Candida infection?

We now know that people with a bacterial imbalance in the digestive tract are more prone to Candida infection than others. In the gut each one of us carries a significant amount of naturally occuring organisms known as the gut microflora. These little bacterial bugs are essential for proper digestion and strong immune system. And while the majority of them are harmless and beneficial, there is one organism that can trigger Candida infection.

This can happen when Candida albicans – a naturally occuring yeast present in all human beings – grows out of control and outnumbers the beneficial bacteria (a.k.a. probiotics) that normally aid your digestion, enhance your immunity and keep Candida albicans under control.

The risk factors responsible for developing Candida infection include prolonged antibiotic use, unhealthy diet high in sugar and processed foods, the use of steroids or birth control pills, compromised immune system, stress and diabetes.

How to get rid of Candida infection?

It can be overwhelming and confusing when you first realize you’ve been dealing with Candida infection. Since there is no universally acclaimed treatment program, you’ll need to be your own judge to decide what works best for you. The most popular remedies for Candida infection are probiotic supplements, natural anti-fungal agents such as caprylic acid and garlic, and a healthy diet high in vegetables.

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