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how can i get back in shape after being on steroids for 2 years due to a chronic illness?

Posted by boriqua

I use to be a boxer at a small league in town and i was force to stop after a rare illness was discovered due to this i was on steriod that caused me to gain 15 pounds.  I regularlly jog and train, yet i have no way in knowing how to lose these fifteen pounds. am not a big fan of fast food or soda and i do not know why is so hard to lose the weight

I am 5 feet tall and weigh about 129 i have been able to control the weight around my waist and legs, but my arm are flabby.  what can i do

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I would recommend following a regime of superior cellular nutrition, a low glycemic diet combined with an exercise program that incorporates a good variety of interval and cross training cardio workouts.  The effects of the steroids will take time to overcome as you were on them for a prolonged period of time. This will give your body an excellent way to achieve your weight loss along with superior cellular nutrition to restore your body to its optimal functioning.  Feel free to visit or contact me and I would be pleased to advise and assist you. All the best, Mary
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