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Gourmet Body Treats Gluten Free List

Posted Aug 26 2010 10:16am
Lately I've been looking for more Gluten Free Products out there.  Products that aren't simply GF, but also keep up higher standards.  Items that are environmentally friendly, contain quality ingredients, are cruelty free...

I'll be keeping up you updated on things I find.

Please note that I have not received any compensation for printing this information.

Gourmet Body Treats

First let me state that I have not tried Gourmet Body Treats.  All of the information below can be found on Gourmet Body Treats website or blog .  I did write the company to insure the Gluten Free List was up to date, and get their permission to share this information on my blog.

Gourmet Body Treats is a small family owned business that began for very personal reasons. Waleska, the creator of all our formulas had severe rosacea and hyper sensitive skin that was not helped by numerous trips to the Dermatologist. She began her personal quest to find products that would help her irritated and blemished skin, but when she was unable to find any she started making her own. She started in her kitchen with an idea for soap. Soon family and friends began asking to buy her soap for themselves and their children. A decade later Gourmet Body Treats continues to hand make all products from start to finish in hopes of helping others feel better about themselves while helping preserve the planet.

We constantly strive to produce high quality products that are ethically made and 100% natural. All of our products are 100% vegan and maufactured on site fresh daily from our hands to yours.

Below is a list of all items that are gluten free,  and do not contain any wheat, barley, rye, soy, corn or oats.  All of our products are free from milk, animal fat, carmine, beeswax, parabens, sulfites, plastics, fragrance, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, gmo's,  triclosan.

GBT Mineral Foundation
Lavender Hand Cream
Foundation Primer
Repairing Rose Cleanser
Naked Shea Soap
Healing lavender soap
Translucent Finishing Powder
GBT Bronzing Powder
Gourmet Lip Gloss
GBT Liquid Eyeliner
Tahitian Body Oil
Soothing Hydrating Serum
Agrimony Eye Cream
Vegan Hair Pomade
Loose mineral eye shadow
Rose Facial Spritzer
Ginko Biloba Toner
Vitamin C Facial Mask
Nail Polish
Organic Baby Wash
Baby Bum Salve
Baby oil

If you would like more lists like this please let me know!

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