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Gluten Free Thanksgiving Menu

Posted Nov 01 2008 12:00am

Gluten Free Turkey Breast
this recipe is adapted from Rachel Ray's

1 6 lb bone in all natural gluten free Turkey Breast rinsed and patted dry with a paper towel.
1 small golf ball size onion
1 lemom scrubbed clean
12 fresh sage leaves
Large handful fresh flat-leaf parsley (about 1/2 cup)
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
4 fresh bay leaves
4 tablespoons Butter

Peel zest from lemon, place peeled onion and zest in processor, chop.
add sage,olive oil, and parsley in processor, pulse to a coarse paste.
lift skin from Turkey to make a pocket. Place mixture beneath the skin.

place butter in a pan with 2 bay leaves, heat and simmer.
Place turkey in pan on rack.
Then baste turkey with butter.
Place 2 Bay leaves under turkey, the heat will release oils.

cook at 325F remove from oven when meat reaches 165F cover and let rest until it reaches 175F.

(This come out tasting much more lemony than I expected. My husband really likes it. I preferred my last years turkey, it was more garlicky, and I stuffed it with fresh rosemary and celery)

Gluten Free Dressing
Last weekend I had a Bridal Shower for a friend and served Sundried Tomatoe Basil Bread by Whole Foods Gluten Free Bake House. I cut all the crust off the bread and didn't use the end pieces so I used these for the dressing. It made about 8 loose cups.
1 large sweet onion chopped
1/2 Cup Butter
1 small bunch celery with leaves chopped
3 TBS of Fresh Sage minced
1/4 cup chopped chives
1 TBS Fresh thyme minced
1 large egg lightly beaten
Poultry seasoning
1 Cup gluten free low sodium chicken broth

cut bread into cubes and put on cookie sheet in one layer. Bake at 350F for approximately 12 minutes until bread is dried out but not browned.

Melt Butter, saute onions until translucent but not brown. add celery and herbs and continue to simmer for 2 minutes. Put Cooled Bread in a bowl, mix vegetable-herb mixture with Bread.
Add egg, and mix lightly. Cover with poultry seasoning to taste. Salt and pepper to taste. Add Chicken Broth and Stir to mix. If mixture is to dry add more broth 1 TBS at a time. Do not let it get too soggy. Place mixture in a 9x13 pan and Bake until golden brown, approx. 45 mins. at 350F.

You can use other breads but I think a seasoned dense bread will do best.

Roasted Green Beans with Garlic Decided against this one so I wouldn't have to use the oven. Made Steamed Green Beans over Apple Cider instead. And yes that was as simple as it sounded. I simply put Apple Cider in the pot and steamed the green beans over it. They were pretty good but I didn't cook them long enough. My husband loved them and my dad didn't leave any.

Mashed Potatoes This is just simple mashed potatoes. Yukon Gold potatoes, cut in cubes, boiled soft, drained. Then mashed with butter and sour cream. Rich.

Gravy I planed to make the lovely gravy described by Gluten Free Girl in her blog , but when I started it I realized I was out of rice flour. How did that happen? So I made a gravy with corn starch instead. Just put about 1/4 cup corn starch in a little tub with some cold water and shake it until smooth. Then slowly add it to drippings from the turkey or if you don't have enough of those, some heated chicken stock. When it starts to thicken then add some more stock until you get how much you want...about 2 cups. Remember to stir constantly (I use a fork to stir with)

Cranberry Sauce I cheated here and used the canned.

Biscuits I cheated here too. I had these left from the party too. Cream Biscuits from Whole Foods Gluten Free Bake House. They are very good as long as they are hot, but they do get hard when they cool off.

and Gluten Free Apple Crisp I love this stuff!!

This is a very forgiving recipe. I don't measure. And I guess a lot.

I got the original recipe a long time ago from Gobsmacked's the link.
Gluten Free Apple Crisp
I used Earth Balance Vegan margarine most of the time. I'm going to try to substitute Splenda for part of the sugar next time. I use Apple Pie seasoning in place of part of the cinnimon.
The Crisp I just made was made with 8 large apples so it's really easy to change to ammounts.
Just make sure you have enough of the crispy topping and you are good.

So that was my Thanksgiving Dinner. Not very fancy, but that's because we aren't. And we don't have to feel guilty at the end of the day. It's a pleasant day, but not a "oh, no I'm so stuffed I can't breathe day"

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