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Gluten Free Makeup....ALIMA pure

Posted Nov 01 2008 12:00am

After I went Gluten Free I kept having bouts that seemed like gluten poisoning and I just couldn't figure out why. Finally, after much investigating I found out it was in my makeup....and my lotion, my soap, my shampoo....oh my goodness! Why do they need wheat in all of this stuff? Oh well, off I go to try and find safe products.

I search on line and I get some help but no one seemed to no if the products were natural or if they had been tested on animals. The later is a HUGE deal to me!! I don't an animal has to be tortured for my vanity!!

I'm happy to say I tried ALIMA and I really like it. It's another one of the mineral makeups, but it is much smoother than most I've tried. It doesn't feel chalky. If you want a liquid make up it suggest mixing it with your favorite moisturizer and it really did work! I do have pretty good skin to begin with but after using this makeup for a while I swear it looked even smoother.

I love the fact that you can order samples!! I don't use a lot of makeup so the samples have lasted a long time. I only order samples of the eye makeup because I just don't use it fast enough, but I feel bad because they recycle the larger ones.
It was a life saver to have samples when trying to figure out what base colors to order, I'm just not good at that.

And the prices are very reasonable. For Foundation it's $20 for the full size, and $1.50 for a sample. They also have specials once in a while.

I do wish they had a mascara simply because I like to get all of my makeup from the same place, but I guess I will still have to search for the perfect mascara.

One more thing about ALIMA...The have wonderful customer service. I've emailed them a few times asking questions about their products and they always write me back in a very timely manner. They are very knowledgeable, and did not try to sell me something I did not need.
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