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F-F-F-F-Friendship F-F-F-Friday

Posted Oct 23 2009 4:29am
That's my scaryit's almost Halloweentitle. Creativedon't you think?

I only have a couple of blogs to share today as I've been a little slacker this week. Been working on my other job. How's it workingyou say? NOT TOO GOOD. I've been painting a portrait this week and I'm now reminded of exactly WHY I hate to paint portraits. Moving along...

Sick Mommaby Aviva. I love her writing style and sense of humor.

Off the Wheaten Pathby Mrs. McKracken aka Margo Anderson. Mrs. McKracken? Yesyou heard it right. Love the name. Margo also writes about autoimmune disease.

*Brief update*

HappilyJessie is doing quite well this week. Last weekend's adventure had practically no effect. Could she be pulling out of the woods? Possibly. I think that pulling out of school and dropping that difficult routine may have done the trick for now.

Jessie's doing her schoolwork at home during the day and is able to see friends more often. It's a good thing! Works wonders for that laser-eyed"Don't look my way or speak to me or I'll scream" attitude. She has been busy for the past two nights and will be babysitting 4 year old twins this afternoon for a couple of hours. Sounds like a regularspoiled rottenobnoxiouskilling her parentshappy teenager to me.
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