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Eyes on Hiatus

Posted Oct 04 2010 11:04pm

I will never take my eyes for granted again!  Without mine working right, I’m pretty much knocked out of Cyberspace until either they get fixed or I get special equipment that helps me hang out online with them as they are.   A couple months ago I shut the lid of my computer and stopped posting.  (I also stopped reading).  My eyes muscles have went the way of most of my other muscles–weak.  The weakness became severe.  I could no longer read without my eye muscles becoming unable to focus, and making strange movements after trying to do so.  This over extending the limits of my eye muscles caused pain,  blurred vision, hyper-photo-sensitivity and other not so fun symptoms.

Thinking that perhaps a stronger eye-glass prescription would help, I went to the optometrist, who did strengthen my prescription, as well as tell me that my eye muscles have weakened to the point that they aren’t working correctly,   He referred me to a Neuro-Ophthalmologist.  There are none in the area, so again my husband will drive us on a long journey.  If all goes well with insurance coverage, I will be having my eyes tested in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile I not only miss the function of my eyes, I miss my fun, supportive, cyber-friends and the world inside my computer in which mind-food is abundant (oh my gosh I need to read something!)  I am in bed, teeth brushed, meds taken.  My eyes are blurring out and my lids shutting from the fatigue of asking the muscles that move them to work overtime.  I write this now, because as soon as I’m finished I will close them and rest them through the night.

I am not able to edit as it requires reading over what I have written, so I apologize for errors.  I have wanted to let you who read my blog (I appreciate you!) to know why I seem to have dropped out.  I haven’t, I look forward to learning of a ways to help my eyes and tools taking struggling eyes online.

Not only will I never take my eyes for granted again, I will never take the online friends and community I have found these past years.  When I could get on my computer, it was like taking a walk down a lovely street with neighbors to stop and chat with, coffee-shops and deli’s to meet my friends in and bookstores and such places for many of us to gather at once.  I miss my cyber-neighborhood and all of you who share it.  Hope you are each hanging in there, being kind and gentle with yourselves and finding the funny in unlikely places.   Kerry

PS–Sending out love to my father in-law and to my mother in-law who have gone through so much this week.  May the next weeks bring healing, peace, and “normality”.

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