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Easy Eats - The Magazine for Gluten Free Living --- and it's FREE!

Posted Mar 03 2010 10:03pm

Many of you may already know about this on line magazine but I'm a bit behind the times I guess.  I found out about Easy Eats - The Magazine for Gluten Free Living, a few months ago I think, or the way my life has been going lately, it could have been just a few weeks.  I've subscribed and they've been sending me some old issues to catch me up before the new issue comes out.  I have to say at first I was a little wishy, washy.  I just wasn't sure if it was just a little too trendy, a little too something that just didn't mesh with me.  I always like parts of it, but parts just didn't hit home.

But this past issue clicked.  At least most of it and hey, that's what counts right?  I actually wanted to copy so much of the information and rush it right over here to share with you guys.  I wanted to make sure you knew this stuff.  Now in my opinion that makes a good read, am I right?

I will share some of the stuff I read in the mag, and I'm sure they won't mind after all, I will be plugging their magazine, but that will be tomorrow's post.  Right now it's almost 1am and today has been a very long and very emotional day.

However, if you are reading this before I get to my next post got to Easy Easts website and check it out.  It's worth it.  If you ever read an issue of Craft, the writers remind me of those folks.  I loved Craft.  Of course, I am comparing Apples to Sewing Machines here, but if you are creative, you will know what I mean.  Imagine Alton Brown meets Duff, the guy from Ace of Cakes.  There's enough entertainment in there, but there's also the science, proof, and prettiness too.

Yep, it's late.  Don't ever tell Alton Brown I compared him to Duff, or said anything that Duff made was pretty.  Oh, my, I needed that laugh!

Just check Easy Eats out!  It's On Line!  You don't waste paper!!  Yay!  It's Free!  We can all get behind that right now.  I don't know how they do it!  And the quality is improving with every issue I've read so far.

Hey, you locals, Raleigh, is mentioned in December, 2008 issue.

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