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Comment on My Clothes Hurt by Jiffysquid

Posted Oct 20 2012 1:10pm

I too have difficulties with allodynia. Mine is quite severe and I have it over my entire right side. I find tight breathable, stretch clothing (4 way stretch not just 2 way) very helpful. Much of my clothing comes from outdoor shops. Heavy cotton quilts and blankets instead of down quilts helped with allodynia in the legs at night.

The two classes of medication that seem to be most helpful are the tricyclic antidepressants and various seizure medications such as Lyrica. Lyrica has helped me but has caused significant memory problems which is not at all unusual for that medicine. recently, my doc added a low dose of a tricyclic (nortriptyline) which has also helped. Medical marijuana has also helped me and others with allodynia.

best of luck managing it..

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