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Class specific PVP Tips of 2Moons(part two)

Posted Jan 28 2010 5:47pm

Hope you like the following guide which selected from the other website by me, but it's not my work, Goldceo just give it a summary. It is a continuation of the last article on Class specific in 2moons.

Segnale : you would think that a heal class would dust off a poison arrow as if it nothing. Against a segnale, a poison arrow is basically a signal saying when to use your final skill. Although a segnale can heal itself during pvp, it can only do it so fast. Sure theres Raging Heal, but a Silent Killer and Poison Arrow should even that out. with that, along with Dead Spin, the segnale's shield and HP( 2moons dil ) should almost gone. This is when the segnale begins to cast heals.

If you time it right, you can catch the segnale in between heals and unleash all your skills. If you don't manage to kill it, or miss the opportunity. Don't worry, just keep pounding on it till its falls. A segnale healing has no time for attacking you. Eventually it will fall.

Segita Hunters :  Against a dagger hunter, the distance you gain( 2moons gold ) is crucial. Seeing has how a dagger hunter only have 4 skills, it can only attack you 4 times in secession. This is where your extra crossbow skills come in handy. Against a bow/crossbow hunter, a whole different ball park. The average bow oriented hunter is a glass cannon, namely, high damage, low defense. So your main focus is to hit them hard and fast. This is do-able with Wind Moving, just run in, do your skill combos, and hope for the best.

PVE : Its pretty much straight forward. Use Silent Killer, Dead Spin, Wonder Firing, and Rolling attack. These 4 skills are basically all you need in PVE with this build.

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