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Broccoli Cheese Soup

Posted Jan 26 2010 12:41pm
I made Broccoli Cheese Soup today.  It was pretty good, better than I've had in some restaurants, I know sometimes that's not saying much, but really I liked it.  I like my soup chunky and when I first tried this soup I didn't puree any of it and the texture just wasn't right.  So I decided to puree about half of it and then it was much better.  So it's really up to you how much you want to puree.  I like some chunkiness to mine, but it really needs to have some of it pureed to get the right smoothness to it.

(actually 2 slices for this bowl because this is 2 servings)

The soup was satisfying.  And pretty tasty too.  My husband doesn't like Broccoli Cheese Soup so I made this while he wasn't at home.  I made a pot big enough for 4 servings (a little over a cup each, the photo above is in a big bowl, it holds 4 cups all the way to the top.) and there wasn't any left by the end of the day.  I just can't believe I ate the whole pot throughout the day!


4 cups chopped broccoli frozen - cooked
Yukon gold potato - small to medium - cooked
2.5 Tbs Red Onion finely chopped (I think you could use more of this, but this was all I had on hand)
2 cloves chopped garlic
grape seed oil - 2 Tbs (just enough to saute onions and garlic in)
1 Cup Chicken Broth
2-3 Tbs neufchatel cheese
1 slices 2% shredded sharp cheddar cheese
a little 2 % milk to make as soupy as you want (I used about 1/4 cup)

I used some frozen broccoli, because that's what I had, this recipe would be great for left overs.
I used a package of Bird's Eye Steamfresh Frozen Broccoli and cooked as directed.
I cooked a small to medium sized potato .  I just cut it up and cooked it in the microwave, then I smashed it with the potato masher.  I only had a russet, but I think a yukon gold potato would give a better texture.
While these were cooking I sauteed 2.5 Tbs of red onion finely chopped and 2 cloves of chopped garlic in just enough grapeseed oil to cover the bottom of the pan.  When the garlic and onions started to scorch I put in some chicken broth.  (I kept adding chicken broth throughout cooking, I used about a cup of chicken broth all together.)
At this time I added the mashed potato and blended thoroughly.
I then smashed up the broccoli some with the potato masher.
I added this to the mixture with more chicken broth.
I added 3 Tbs neufchatel cheese.  (You could use cream cheese or non-fat cream cheese, this would change the nutritional facts)
I added a 1 slice 2% sharp cheddar cheese to the top of each bowl.

By adding the cheese to the top you don't  need as much cheese to get more taste. And I think I might add more veggies in the soup next time.  You would get more flavor and have more nutrition.  I think some cooked carrots and pureed celery would add a very good flavor.

I made my own Chicken broth, but you can buy your own.  I was actually making the stock as I was making this soup so the broth didn't have as much flavor as it would later.  But I really wanted to make the Broccoli soup right then!

I've never seen a Broccoli Cheese recipe with Neuchatel or Cream Cheese in it, but it made a nice smoothness to it without adding cream.  I was happy with it.  And I was much happier with the Calories, Fat, and Sodium.  I'm also on a low sodium diet so I have to really watch it and cheese has a lot of sodium.

**I posted this recipe over at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays 1/26//2010
**Run on over there and check out some more Slightly Indulgent Recipes!!

I plugged all the recipe information into the recipe calculator at to find out the nutritonal facts. 

Nutrition Facts

  4 Servings

Amount Per Serving


  Total Fat
16.4 g

  Saturated Fat
6.5 g

  Polyunsaturated Fat
5.2 g

  Monounsaturated Fat
2.0 g

29.3 mg

327.0 mg

678.9 mg

  Total Carbohydrate
20.4 g

  Dietary Fiber
7.2 g

5.1 g

16.8 g

  Vitamin A
57.5 %

  Vitamin B-12
0.5 %

  Vitamin B-6
24.3 %

  Vitamin C
253.2 %

  Vitamin D
0.0 %

  Vitamin E
17.9 %

32.0 %

5.8 %

51.8 %

10.1 %

10.6 %

31.1 %

6.6 %

  Pantothenic Acid    
6.7 %

16.1 %

16.2 %

6.7 %

12.2 %

5.9 %

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
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