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Acne on back and buttocks + Hair fall

Posted by websaurabh


I am 30 years old and having eruptions (Acne) on my back, shoulders, forehead and buttocks for almost 12 years now. I have seen quite a few dermatologists in these years but all in vain. There is no itchning or fluid coming out...even when a new acne erupts with a reddish color; but just some pain only upon coming in contact with hands or any other tangible object. Dermatologists suggested few creams, which I had applied with so much difficulty - cannot ask anyone to rub creams on my back or buttocks...3-4 different creams everyday!! I am a vegetarian (don't eat egg also), teetotaler, with oily skin.  

I reckon my second problem is linked with the acne problem. I have dandruff in my hair...even though I shampoo my hair twice or thrice a week. I don't use styling gel or conditioner but apply oil. Still my hair is so thin and it falls out when I run my fingers through it or wash it or comb it.

Please suggest remedies.

Thanks in anticipation!!



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It sounds like it could be some type of auto-immune issue or hormonal imbalance honestly.  Have you seen a doctor besides a dermatologist about this issue?  Maybe a endocrinologist or rheumotologist? 
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