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A cold is not cold, so why do they call it a cold?

Posted Oct 23 2012 3:23pm

Opps I forgot to Publish this…*smiles*  So it’s a little out of date, but much of the info is still good.   This post was more of a Freeform post….I just sat down and wrote, if I felt like it or not and didn’t re-read or edit so please forgive the errors that I’m sure are in abundance……here’s for a bit of out dated news   (I’m pretty much over my cold, it’s still hanging on with Stuart)

You will not believe this, but I thought I finally published this yesterday! I looked today…no it was not there.  I think this post is haunted….read at your own risk.

For the past week I’ve been taken over by the cold virus.  (you aren’t normally cold when you have a cold…so where did that name come from….and no I really don’t care enough to try to look it up…just pondering.)

My dear sweet husband that does so much for me caught my cold around day 4 of my dreaded mucus maker.  He is such a trooper.  I can look look at him and tell how bad he feels and how tired he is, but still he would take care of me.  I will admit, I have not been able to walk very well since I caught this virus, my ears do not like a head cold!  I started feeling  better a few days ago (ok, maybe 2), but when I’d try to walk around I’d start spinning.  Back in bed for me.  So Stuart has been left to nurse his own cold and take care of me too.  We’ve had a lot more takeout this week.  Honestly, for me, just put my meds close enough and feed me (a lot, this cold has made me ravenous….strange for me when I’m sick!), and I’m ok.  I have been sleeping more than I thought possible.

Oh, I must tell this story.  I always thought I was very careful with my medications….but I did a really stupid thing the other day.  I have my Diamox sitting by my bed because I have to take one as soon as I wake up to keep my cerebrospinal fluid regulated.  I reached for it and took a pill….then thought, that pill was way too small.  I then really looked at the pill bottle.  My prescription for Ambien had been left on my nightstand, instead of in the drawer, and I took one of those.   You can guess what happened, I went back to sleep and slept all day!  But first I decided I should try to do a couple of things….like answer some emails….not the best idea.  My husband also told me of one thing that happened that I don’t remember at all.  Yes, I thought I had always been very careful with my medication, but I will me much more diligent now!

As a result of this cold I shared with my hubby, we have decided to post pone our leaving for Arizona by a week.  We should be leaving on the 3rd now.  The cold just put us way behind in getting things ready to go.

It also postponed my hair appointment.  So it’s still long.  And I may keep some length.  The test results didn’t show any reason that I should be losing my hair, and my doctor said I may want to see a dermatologist.  But she also put me on Biotin.  I changed my shampoo and condition to one that is supposed to give you more lift or something, I got a real boar’s hair brush, and I’m taking the Biotin.  Much to my surprise, I looked at the back of my hair this morning and I couldn’t see scalp.  I asked Stuart and he said he didn’t see the “balding” spot I’ve had for a while now.  My hair seems to be getting thicker.  So….my hair appointment has been changed to Halloween.  We’ll see what happens.  Stuart said it could be a horror, or perhaps magical.   (the magical suggestion came after I told him he was mean and scaring me.)

I’m a bit disappointed we are leaving later now.  I love Halloween, and I’m not prepared for it. The house isn’t decorated, I have no costume, I don’t have the treat bags put together, and would need to purchase more stuff.  I think our house will lose its reputation this year.  (the first year we lived here we had less than 20 kids Trick or Treating….last year we had about 100, they come from different neighborhoods to come to our house….it has kind of gotten a little out of hand….but I love it!)   But I’m not prepared!  This year, the kids will just get candy.  (normally, they all get treat bags…made for different age groups…with things like pencils, stickers, Play-doh, glow sticks, temporary tattoos…..all kinds of things….plus they get candy.)  yes, my house is the house to come to!  We often have a grave yard set up with a fog machine….oh I love Halloween.  The decorations are just so cool.

Yes, I’m rambling a bit.  I’m still tired from my cold and when I’m tired I ramble….or sleep…..I think that’s next.   No wait, I’m hungry!

BTW:  I always buy my treat bag goodies right after Halloween for the next year, I don’t spend a lot….and it’s really worth it to see how the children love them.

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