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365 Gluten Free Sandwich Bread Mix

Posted Jun 01 2009 12:00am

Thanks to Celiac Underground I tried the 365 Gluten Free Sandwich Bread Mix yesterday.

It came out much higher and more bread like than most mixes. I used her recommendations for programing the bread machine and things came out pretty well. Not as high as Celiac Underground's did, but I'm satisfied.

Here's what I did.
We both have different bread machines so they program a little differently, mine's a Zojirushi so I programed the Homemade cycleKnead - 17 mins
Rise 1 - 60 mins
Rise 2- off
well every thing else off until BAKE
Bake - 60 mins

Put all the wet ingredients in first, then the dry, and make a little indention in the dry ingredients for the yeast. About 5 minutes into the knead use a spatula and make sure all the ingredients are off the pan and being incorporated in the bread.

I think I may have over baked it just a little because my crust was a little darker than it could have been but and my top plopped down right at the end. But otherwise it's just perfect.
It's taller than any other bread I've ever tried to bake.

I've already had just a piece of bread, a grilled cheese sandwich, and toast for breakfast. This bread won't last long!
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