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100 Words: I'm Discombobulated

Posted Aug 10 2010 9:00am

Henohenomohe Image via Wikipedia

Discombobulated: I don't know why I love this word, but I always have and it seems I always will.

Maybe it's because saying, 'My life is discombobulated.' makes me smile at the silliness of this last word.

Plus it sounds so much better than saying
  • Pain and fatigue make me quite muddled.
  • My health is a mysterious puzzle.
  • My sleep feels quite disturbed.
  • My thoughts are all jumbled.
  • All my plans have been undone.
  • My ambitions appear frustrated.
Yes, when life leaves me befuddled and bewildered, it's much more fun to say 'I'm discombobulated.'

Do you have a favorite word or phrase you use to describe your state of being, especially when things aren't quite going the way you wish they would? Share it with me and your fellow OMA&P! readers...

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