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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Community - General Discussions

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Chronic Fatigue Clinical Trial ~ Open... San Francisco Bay Area Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Specialist Dr. Jon Kaiser is ...
Feb 07 2012 9:46pm
Here is a link from Phoenix Rising on the Clinical Trial. Lots of great info... more
Feb 15 2012 6:55pm
High Sed Rate, High TSH Joint inflammation & pain Hi, I have been on Synthroid for many years and am 43. Over the past few months i have developed s ...
Aug 26 2010 5:10pm
The Merits of Fasting... I have not yet tried but it has been recommended to me to do at least a three day fast. Has anyone ...
Nov 07 2009 10:25pm
Adrenal Care Daily Checklist & Diary Hi I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome about 8 years ago and with severe adrenal i ...
Sep 13 2009 5:52pm
Just like to say that is a very good checklist and I think it may be useful for a lot... more
Nov 02 2009 7:34am