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Effective Treatments for ME/CFS by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven This post is long, long overdue. I have been writing this blog for almost 10 years and have often written about treatments for ME/CFS - new research, things we'v ... Read on »
An Open Letter from Researchers to Senator Mikulski: Patients suffering from ME/CFS deserve funding by Erica Verrillo The woeful state of funding for ME/CFS is so dire that two HHS-funded initiatives, the IOM and the P2P, have taken pains to point it out.  The IOM committee stated t ... Read on »
Movie Monday 8/24 by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven I was really in the mood for movies this week, so we watched two of them on Amazon Prime this weekend and enjoyed both. I've been wanting to see The Way, which was a ... Read on »
Weekly Inspiration: 10 Minutes of Mindfulness by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven You might think that people with ME/CFS don't need help with doing nothing. It sometimes feels - especially when we are going through a bad flare-up - that we ar ... Read on »
Finding Joy in Every Day by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven This summer, I began writing articles for the ProHealth website (an excellent source of information on all aspects of our illnesses), for their Inspirational Corner. This wa ... Read on »
ME Action Calls for Funding Equality by Erica Verrillo In light of the recent CDC funding cut for ME/CFS, ME Action's call for equal funding is both timely and urgent. Along with Mass CFIDS Association Board members, I ... Read on »
Top ME/CFS Experts Join Forces to Define Diagnosis by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Here's some exciting news announced in a recent press release : Dr. Suzanne Vernon and Dr. Lucinda Bateman are teaming up to develop specific diagnostic tools for ME/CFS ... Read on »
FULL surrender … ? by Dominique Aug 16, 2015 by Dominique in Hashimoto-Encephalopathy As I lay here, alone, listening to the quiet whipping soun ... Read on »
Illness & Invisibility by Laurel B. Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), sometimes inappropriately referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), has often been referred to as an invisible illness. This is becaus ... Read on »
Ispy- Try products for a small monthly fee by Viv Patient Expert Hello Everyone, Here is a membership I joined because I love trying out new make-up products but cannot afford to do so. This particular membership is only $10.00 per month ... Read on »

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