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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Community - Articles

STANFORD STUDY FINDS BRAIN ABNORMALITIES IN ME/CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME PATIENTS by Erica Verrillo Image courtesy Pixabay Press Release:  Eurekalert , October 29, 2014. An imaging study by Stanford University School of Medicine investigators has found distinct differen ... Read on »
New Survey on LDN for ME/CFS Seeks Patients by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Finally! Someone is undertaking a case study/survey to document how low-dose naltrexone (LDN) can be helpful for those with ME/CFS...but she needs our help! Monica Bolton ... Read on »
Lactose in Medications by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Many people with ME/CFS are dairy intolerant – it’s our immune system dysfunction that makes our bodies over-respond to viruses and allergens. And if you’ve never even c ... Read on »
Excellent Article Accurately Describes ME/CFS and Groundbreaking Research by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Every day, my e-mail inbox and Twitter account are filled with links to various articles, online postings, blog posts, etc. about ME/CFS. They typically fall into three cate ... Read on »
Movie Monday 10/20 by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven My husband was away this weekend, on a golf trip with three friends (my gift to him for his recent birthday), so I took advantage of the time to watch movies that I knew he ... Read on »
Appointment with Gastroenterologist by Rachel M. Patient Expert I had a productive appointment with a Gastroenterologist. My treating doctor briefly explained to me that this specialist is interested in connection between ME ... Read on »
Quote It Saturday 10/18 by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven In this occasional feature, I like to share a quote, usually from a book, that I have found moving or inspirational or just something that I identify with. This week's q ... Read on »
AHRQ Evidence Review - Comments From the Advocates by Erica Verrillo This post comes via Mary Dimmock, Claudia Goodell, Denise Lopez-Majano, and Jennie Spotila. You are welcome to publish it on your site with attribution and a link back ... Read on »
Giant ME/CFS Research Project Launched! by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven This past month of crashes, infections, traveling, houseguests, and big events has left me seriously behind the times in ME/CFS news. I've glanced at headlines but have othe ... Read on »
Activity, Crashes and Infections, Oh My! by Sue J. Patient ExpertHealth Maven It’s been a while since I’ve had the time and/or energy to write a post here, and I hardly know where to begin. The last couple of weeks have been full of all kinds of unusu ... Read on »