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You're the type of patient who usually falls through the cracks

Posted Dec 15 2010 8:29am
I actually had a doctor say this to me. That was very encouraging to hear. Most doctors don't know what to do with a patient like me. They run the basic bloodwork and everything comes up normal. No lymes,  DHEA is normal, etc. So they usually offer me some sleeping pills, Lyrica and pain medication for my headache. The thing is none of that will cure me. They don't know what is causing me to have constant headaches, fatigue, sore throat, body aches, sleeping issues, etc.

I've pretty much given up on doctors being able to help me. I've seen numerous doctors over the past 3 years. Western doctors will tell me up front that I will fall through the cracks. However, holistic doctors always promise they they can help me with their diets and vitamins. I don't know which one is better since neither have really helped me.

Currently, I'm working with a doctor who is also a nutritionist. He had me do a wide range of tests, including an elemental hair analysis. Friday I have an appointment to go over the results over the phone since he's in Florida. I know it sounds crazy to have a doctor out of state, and no it's not because I've ran out of NJ doctors. There was an article written up about this doctor in a magazine with a woman who had a similiar story to mine. I'm hoping he can help me in some way. This is an expensive illness especially when the only doctors who claim that they can help, don't take health insurance.

So I'm trying to feel optimistic today. But part of me is really worried that nothing will change. This will be the last time I'm going to put myself through tons of tests in hope that I will find what's wrong. I guess this means I'm still in the "denial" stage.
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