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Yet more change

Posted Feb 10 2011 12:00am
I'm starting to be able to see light at the end of the tunnel. January is out of the way and February is nearly half done. Catkins are dingly dangling everywhere and my bulbs are coming up in the garden. AJ and his ex seem to be moving towards some sort of agreement about their property and I've got that work capability assessment out of the way. 

I took AJ with me this time which was a good thing because I was shaking uncontrollably in the waiting room. It was the fear of not being believed again I think. Anyway, the young woman who carried out the assessment was miles more sensitive than the last one and seemed to know her onions. I'm hopeful that, with this new examination and the evidence I took with me I shall be eligible for some payments at last. This, by the way, is for Employment and Support Allowance and is only valid for one year. My appeal for Incapacity Benefit is still in the wind. Apparently appeals are now taking up to nine months to process - which takes me to July or August.

I had a long chat with my counsellor this week about the dangers of blogging about my past and my plans for the future. I could be opening myself up to being retargetted and it could also jeopardise any chance I have at justice. These people network you see. I've been running over options with regards to my blog. I could stop. I tried that and I missed it. I could just confine myself to CFS issues. I tried that and it's impossible. Seems there's one left if I want to continue, and that is to make my blog private. In order to do that I have to 'invite' you which means I need your email address. Then, if you want to read a post you have to log in - which I know is a faff and a pain and I'm sorry about that. 

It's important for survivors of abuse to have witnesses. You have become my witnesses and I'm hoping you'll stick with it. I'll be writing a book eventually and I'll need you to encourage me onwards. So please email me if you'd like to subscribe and, if I know you, I'll put you on the list. I completely understand the focus of this blog has changed so please don't feel obliged to subscribe either. I'll still be me over on facebook.

One thing I have promised myself - when I get my back pay to which I am entitled I shall be buying myself a decent camera. So expect photography along with the writing. 

Sending out thoughts of peace and healing to all of you.
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