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WPI: Another Blow for the ME Community

Posted Oct 03 2011 8:47am

I was greeted this morning with news that completely blindsided me and I was guessing many of my readers had not heard the news either so I am going to share with you all here.

According to Dr. Jamie Deckoff-Jones, there is breaking news about WPI (Whittemore Peterson Institute in Nevada).  Here is what she had to say on her blog.

Breaking news. The entire WPI research program has been closed by the institute’s CEO, and the facility is now locked down. It’s former principle investigator, Dr. Judy Mikovits, is in active discussions concerning institutions to which she may move to continue her grant-funded research. The institutions must remain unidentified, for obvious reasons, but it’s important for patients to know that she remains committed to continuing this critical work.

So now, on top of everything else, a divorce at the WPI.

I was, as I said completely blind sided and stunned at the news. 

Jamie further clarifies what has been taking place behind the scenes if you will and says this on her blog,

It is important to know that Dr. Mikovits stands by her work at the WPI research lab, which is all she can vouch for. She cannot account for what happened at VIP Dx. It was in a different location, under different leadership: Dr. Lombardi was in charge at VIP Dx.

Now it appears the WPI research program is getting thrown under the bus, but VIP Dx is still up and running, now minus XMRV testing. None of this means that we don’t have HGRV’s, or that some of the work that came out of the Mikovits-led research lab wasn’t correct. What it does mean is that there is no validated test for clinical, commercial use. And it means we are now at risk of losing all the gains we’ve made because of poor managerial decisions.

I would highly suggest reading her whole entry today as it explains everything in detail. You can read her blog post today, here .

Unfortunately, I think Dr. Deckoff is right.  We are now back at square one.  Not a good way to start the week.

On the bright side, WPI happened so there is always the possibility of a new door opening that will lead to the research, a causal link and a cure we are all that desperately looking for. 

I only wish the best for the Whittemores and Dr. Judy.  And I look forward to seeing more and more break throughs through future research by Judy.

Despite that, this news will most definitely be quite the blow to the ME Community at large and to each of us, individually.

Determined to Continue Forward,



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